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NO sexual assault is NEVER the victim’s fault.

If this has happened to you, I am so sorry and NO, it wasn’t your fault. Many of my clients carry residual confusion, pain, and disconnection within them after being sexually assaulted. THIS WOUND IS A MISUNDERSTANDING. The misunderstanding that others are unable to control themselves.Many women and men have been trained by society to

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FEAR TO SHINE – a survivors “normal”

Don’t be too much…Too pretty, too open, too sexy, too smart… Or you will make them uncomfortable and you may get in trouble. They may be offended or judge you. You may be outcasted or get in trouble.Don’t express yourself too much or you may be asking for trouble. THIS IS THE FEAR ABUSE LEAVES

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IF NO wasn’t an option

WHAT IF NO isn’t an option? Of course in any healthy situation no is an option. In a healthy childhood home you are taught to say no, and also taught to stay safe you need to obey your parents. And as you grow up, you are given more and more freedom, to say no. HOWEVER,

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