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A library of short videos to help you heal.

Welcome to my Tiktok account. Where I share daily, about how you heal from the effects of CSA and other relationship trauma. Healing is a journey. Do you want more? Join our monthly support group S.H.E. or H.I.M with daily 10 minute life hacks to being you balance, confidence and build healthy habits that will

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4 Stage of healing through CSA

@drlishaantiqua Stages of healing child abuse- message for survivors to ##endcyclesofabuse ##healptsd ##endabuse ##traumahealing♬ Healing Solfeggio frequency healing – Turner Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse is not something that is spoken about much. Therapists teach their patients how to cope with it, but many do not even understand the layers of pain and patterns that a

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What you’re here for…

 I HAVE OPENINGS FOR YOU⭐️⭐️⭐️ It’s amazing how many years I have prayed with you, thought of you, and worked for you before even knowing you.  Now that my Ph.D. Is complete and my kids are older, I have the time to invest in YOU!! And I’ve spent ten years getting ready for this time,

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