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A library of short videos to help you heal.

Welcome to my Tiktok account. Where I share daily, about how you heal from the effects of CSA and other relationship trauma. Healing is a journey. Do you want more? Join our monthly support group S.H.E. or H.I.M with daily 10 minute life hacks to being you balance, confidence and build healthy habits that will

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Speak your truth to set you free.

I was with a client we will call her Molly, she was in week 4 of the Amazing You program and diving deep into her limiting beliefs. When I asked her a very important question. “Tell me about your childhood?” She quickly replied, ” I didn’t have a childhood.” I knew what she meant many

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Who are you?

Tell me about yourself? Who are you? This time of year, with holiday parties and end of year events you more than likely will be asked in one way or another. How do you explain who you are? Commonly, when asked people explain themselves by what they do (mother, businessman, nurse, teacher etc…) or by who

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