What you’re here for…


It’s amazing how many years I have prayed with you, thought of you, and worked for you before even knowing you.  Now that my Ph.D. Is complete and my kids are older, I have the time to invest in YOU!! And I’ve spent ten years getting ready for this time, the
time has opened up for your transformation. IF YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING AND FEELING THE CALL- let’s rock this!

I have three levels of support for you, and two life transformational programs, waiting for your yes!


 My clients often say they get more out of working with me for a few sessions than they did years in therapy. And it’s true!!




Most of my programs work in 12 session blocks where we create space, build your confidence, delete old patterns and pains, and increase your abundance.




My clients reclaim their power from outside forces, align with their truth and create their identities.

Many of my clients have tried traditional and healing/coaching modalities. They have seen and done a ton of inner work and are sick and tired of having to work so hard. I help them heal the ROOT CAUSE without having to review it again and restore their inner child and soul so life gets easier! A LOT easier.




My programs are designed with the intent of being your last program ever!

I didn’t get my Ph.D.  in this field to mess around. I was born to set captives free. My prices are reasonable because I want everyone to be able to afford this support while honoring all the work I do put into everything.




In my new open schedule, I’m offering two programs. My Amazing You program (the one that got me awarded America’s Premier Expert in self-care in 2011-12) to find yourself, heal yourself and express your truth once ans for all. And Paradise Awaits a journey to sexual freedom.

Both are 12 sessions – done over one year or as quickly as 12 weeks depending on your needs.

You can start working with me today for as little as $111 a month for 12 months. Each program builds session to session with videos, workbooks, and private Facebook groups. You choose the level of support you desire from me, I have three levels set up for you to get the most from these programs.




Because you’re done with therapy and done with feeling broken. You have worked the steps and done the programs and the coaches and therapist haven’t “gotten you.” And you are ready to put in the time to create more joy in your life, stop the struggle, step into your value, and finally live beyond –

The childhood programming or abuse.
The bad relationship that took your soul.
The life you gave your children and lost yourself in.
The cycle of feeling really great then crashing.
Jumping from one health crisis to the next.

And you want to feel better, trust yourself, feel connected to your highest purpose and finally live in the freedom you seek in all areas of your life.

If this is you – grab your spot and let’s see if working together would be for our highest good!! Here is the link for a free consultation – https://lishaantiqua.com/next-step-consultation/

This is for serious inquires – be ready to commit to yourself, make at least the minimal investment of $111 for 12 months and do the work with me by your side.

What do you think?

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