4 Stage of healing through CSA


Stages of healing child abuse- message for survivors to ##endcyclesofabuse ##healptsd ##endabuse ##traumahealing♬ Healing Solfeggio frequency healing – Turner

Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse is not something that is spoken about much. Therapists teach their patients how to cope with it, but many do not even understand the layers of pain and patterns that a survivor has to face in order to truly be free from the symptoms CSA causes.

In this series of blogs and videos I did for Tiktok (follow my channel here for more), I am sharing the 4 stages of healing survivors grow through. This series is intended to help you (CSA survivors) discover what stage you are in, and how to keep moving forward.

Until we are all free from the symptoms and threats of retraumatization, I will share ways to heal. If this calls to you and you want help moving from stage to stage, schedule a consultation with me, and let’s discuss your next step towards freedom.

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