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I help you reclaim your identity  and life after trauma has torn it apart.

My mission over the past 20 years is to help as many survivors as possible delete old patterns, habits and beliefs and gain self mastery.

When I was 13 I experienced a trauma and in the middle of it an image of "God" as I knew him appeared (no joke) and told me to "Go home and tell." Within a week my life and my families lives changed.

That day I literally went home and told.  However, over the next 15 years, I had to heal my relationship with my body, mind and learn how to feel again.

At 21 I went through my walk with cancer and learned more about my body and beliefs.  Then at 24 I had adrenal failure and learned more about how I process emotions and was healed by another super natural experience, awakening my astral body and empathic skills.

Soon, after all of this at the age of 33 I experienced another healing where my whole SOUL came into my body, a process I now call reseeding the soul.

This allowed me to understand my own power and begin to embody my truth - I CAME HOME and began to "TELL" my truth by sharing how I healed.

This was 10 years ago, I believe you are on this page because you are ready to heal your past and step into your truth and beauty.  You are ready to come home and share your soul purpose with the world.

To do this,  I have spend my career mapping out what happens after trauma put your LIFE in shock.  I have found you have 6 zones of personal power, ALL of them activate when trauma happens to help you survive. Unless you re-set them ALL healing can take a lifetime and the endless loop of cycle of survival begins.

I am here to give you a system that reset's them all, and help you reclaim your power and live in self-mastery.



Do you feel a calling to help other heal their trauma and create lives they love?

If so you are in the right place!!

At Your Own University we have one of the only programs in the nation that certifies trauma coaches using the 6 Personal Power Zone methodology and coaching forum.

This program not only lifts your own levels of power and joy it also gives you the confidence and tools you require to run a successful business as a trauma transformer. Many of our students are hired to work for other organizations while they are still finishing up the program.

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Y.O.U. Holistic Coach Certification
Love, the trauma transformer

Life's to short to just survive.

Does your life feel out of control?  Is it running you, rather than YOU running it? 

I get it, I spent years trying to FIX my life and getting some results but no relief. Until I discovered the exact formula to transform trauma and reclaim my life. 

Many of my clients have been stuck in a cycle of "trying to heal" and in turn the face triggers and struggles that maybe better, but not gone. I help them understand and make peace with why this trauma creates these cycles and how to once and for all end it's cycle of abuse.  

Let me help you reclaim personal control and balance in ALL areas of your life.

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As you take your mini-course and get to know me a bit, you will also get a glimpse at the YOU Matter club. Where I mix science and ritual together to systematically and magically reboot your personal power. 

In it I share daily habits that will set you free and help you feel GREAT about your life, your relationships and most importantly YOU. 


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