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Create more confidence, pleasure and value in and out of the bedroom.

This course introduces you to Lisha and her transformational methodology while helping you gain clarity, confidence and joy in your life. Many clients have been in traditional therapy for years and years, this program is to help you understand exactly why you haven't found the freedom and happiness you have been seeking and find it once and for all.

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Hi, I'm Lisha Antiqua, aka the Trauma Transformer.

Lisha Antiqua the Trauma Transformer and Founder of Your Own University
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Hi, I hope you are here because you are ready to reclaim your power over your life, life free from affects of past abuse and create a better future for yourself and your family.

As a professional therapist and holistic health coach I help you overcome limitations and habits from your past holding you back and help you access freedom.

I work with men and women, ready to change their lives, just like you.

Over the last 20 years working in this field, I have watched science prove what we already know. YOU'RE truly unique and in order to truly heal the past and change your future you need to work with someone who understand how to release limiting habits while helping you create your map to freedom.

Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to be healthier, thinner, stronger?

Do you want to have better sex and feel a deep connection with your partner?

Do you want to be happier and have more fun?

Is this you? If so I would like to speak to you.  Click the "let's Talk" link and lets connect.

Then you will know, you have found the right "coach/mentor/therapist" I walk my clients through a process of reprogramming your entire system body, mind and soul - so you can step into your truth.  YOUR TRUTH is healthy, happy and fulfilled - everything else is just an old story.  I will help you reclaim your power in the 6 major areas of your life so you never feel like you need therapy or help again, because you will have your formula to successfully love yourself through anything life brings you way.

Schedule a free consultation now and let's see which program or group will serve you best to begin your journey.  I know you came to my site for a reason and I am honored to begin discovering it.

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Do you feel a calling to help other heal their trauma and create lives they love?

If so you are in the right place!!

At Your Own University we have one of the only programs in the nation that certifies trauma coaches using the 6 Personal Power Zone methodology and coaching forum.

This program not only lifts your own levels of power and joy it also gives you the confidence and tools you require to run a successful business as a trauma transformer. Many of our students are hired to work for other organizations while they are still finishing up the program.

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Y.O.U. Holistic Coach Certification

Other Mini-Courses from Lisha, to get you familiar with working with her.


Amazing Health

Release WEIGHT and gain health.

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Powerful Mindset

Calm your racing mind and the affects of PTSD.

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Love, the trauma transformer

Life's to short to just survive.

Does your life feel out of control?  Is it running you, rather than YOU running it? 

I get it, I spent years trying to FIX my life and getting some results but no relief. Until I discovered the exact formula to transform trauma and reclaim my life. 

Many of my clients have been stuck in a cycle of "trying to heal" and in turn the face triggers and struggles that maybe better, but not gone. I help them understand and make peace with why this trauma creates these cycles and how to once and for all end it's cycle of abuse.  

Let me help you reclaim personal control and balance in ALL areas of your life.

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As you take your mini-course and get to know me a bit, you will also get a glimpse at the YOU Matter club. Where I mix science and ritual together to systematically and magically reboot your personal power. 

In it I share daily habits that will set you free and help you feel GREAT about your life, your relationships and most importantly YOU. 


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