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After speaking at the Holistic Fashionista event in Palm Springs.

Meet The Experts with Arielle Ford - featuring Lisha "Antiqua".

Since this video in 2012 - Y.O.U. has grown a lot.  We no longer have the Joy Club it is now upgraded to the Amazing YOU program. The Your Own University -School of Self Mastery (You Matter) and Coaching, Yoga and other healing certifications are all available - But my mission is the same and reasons for it.

Popular talk topics

Combined with LIVE coaching and transformation for your audience.


How do you know that you are pretending?  I will share three clear signs that the pretender is getting in your way.  Then share how you can stop today.  If available, we can take live calls and I will coach through this transformation, or we can do a group healing session.

  • THE ART TO HAPPINESS (healthy, wealthy, love)

I will be happy when... I make X amount of money.  Have kids.  Meet my dream partner.  Sail around the world.  Finally lose this weight.  We will bust through these common happiness busters and leave your audience connected to the one true source of happiness.  (This is not a religious show)

  • THE GREAT AWAKENING (knowing what you're made of)

Humanity is leveling up or awakening.  What does it mean to awaken to your 6th senses?  We will answer the question "Am I going crazy?" And I will coach your audience into a balance state of awareness to welcome their new awareness and accept their human nature, for greater peace, connection and abundance in all areas of their lives.


Motivation, Connect, Dedication.


Creating connection, learning and productivity

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From Lisha Antiqua's heart to yours:

It is my passion to inspire others to look within and find themselves.  I believe the fastest way to share with others how important and unique they are, is through example.  By having me on your show or stage, you will be showing your audience just how special they are - no matter what they have been through.

In my talk I share many things, however, the most important is that we all have a story and that story usually throws us off track. The world fills us with doubt and struggle far to often and we give it power to define us.  However, in my talk I will share with your audience how to see through the lies of the world and embrace there goodness, trust their hearts and increase their courage.  This is HOW they will take action to be the change in the world they seek.

I am known as the trauma transformer because I teach people from all walks of life and all back grounds how to change their prospective and choose to live as inspirations for others. I do this by being an inspiration to myself - the example.  You will not regret having me on your show.  Thank you for the opportunity to continue to inspire the world, with you.

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