A big warm thank you to all these amazing clients I have had the pleasure of serving.

What is it like to work with Dr. Lisha Antiqua


These comments and video's are from both group courses and private clients.  If you would like to have your testimonial added to this list, send it to info@lishaantiqua.com

Tarek's Reclaim Intimacy's Review

Nick's journey's through Amazing YOU and a bit about his certification as a Holistic Coach with Y.O.U.

Steve's Journey's through Amazing YOU

Pam's experience of Amazing You and the Holistic Coaching Cert Programs.

Cedar's Journey's through Amazing YOU

Cheri's Journey's through Divine in 9 the yoga therapy series and private coaching with Lisha Antiqua

Nichole's  Journey's through Amazing YOU

Ashley's Retreat Review

Brief description here of how Lisha and I began to work together. My FYP on tik tok had popped up with her talking about CSA and I instantly felt pulled to find out more about her. After researching and looking at her profile on tik tok I instantly knew the universe was shoeing me my way of actually going further in my healing so so I booked a consult and then it was immediately I started to work with her.

Fast forward 6 months to where things started coming to head for me and me expressing needing a break for several months. To my surprise a retreat was offered and I pounced on it. It was EXACTLY what I needed.

My intention for the retreat was to learn, create and define what peace, love, joy, abundance and pleasure looked like and to self reflect and understand me and what I wanted. Also taking into consideration and understanding that there's no right or wrong answer.
During the retreat we went with the flow. We had fun, we got dirty, we sang, we danced, we detoxed and explored; We hiked and done the no practice; I was able to understand that I didn't have to continuously fight to show strength and courage; I learned how to check in using the SSS practice (body, thoughts, emotions, therafield and reality) every morning to be the observer. I broke down what I was taught and what I know about healthy relationship. I embodied my sexual/sensual self and I listened to that part with guilt and shame and showed compassion and called on Reiki to help me shift it making sure to not make it wrong or bad. I embodied being the prize which meant living with intention (strong will) -consciously living, having the courage to feel- specifically feelings I haven't experienced (ie joy, happiness, peace). One of the biggest takeaways was from the Emotional intelligence aspect in my AMAZING YOU program. That was the heaviest part along with relationship. At the same time the emotional intelligence was the most rewarding because now I am understanding the frequency of emotions and knowing what it feels like so now I am not having to lower my frequency to hold space or show compassion. I learned that I'm quite the master at alot of things that I was making wrong/bad. Neither are true. It comes down to choice and trust and being conscious of those choices qnd intentional.
Now to put in the work on what I've learned and taken away from this retreat and learning other ways I can embody power.
Thank you Lisha for this opportunity of growth in this retreat ❤

The Empire Builder - turn your story into a profitable, inspiring business.

Working with Antiqua I found my true calling...

Catherine's experience working with Antiqua and the Rising Star program. Empire Builder! 

What the YOU Matter club has given to my life...

Sometimes 10 minutes is all we have and the YOU Matter club, gave that to Debbie during a very challenging and made it bearable.

"I didn't think this was going to make that much of a difference, but a pick me up sounded good each day. But after just two weeks I can feel a difference in my life. I feel calmer and the little stresses feel little again instead of big. I am even tolerating a workmate that was driving me up the wall without a second thought. These are the best emails I get, I can't wait to open it and see what I can do that day to love me. Thanks for giving me this boost."

Karen W

"YOU Matter is like FlyLady for self-care, in just 10 minutes a day, you can clean up, pick up and feel 100% better. Thanks for the notes, I will keep opening them for sure and recommend my friends."

Christine , Beacon

Certifications for YOGA and COACHING

I now have a plan, a mission and a voice to bring my message, expertise and abilities to the marketplace to be of service to others.

Luci McMonagal

Antiqua has been a life- and business-changing inspiration to me. She was able to pull a large-purpose vision out of me and gave me concrete steps to follow to move towards fulfilling this vision without overwhelm. I now have a plan, a mission and a voice to bring my message, expertise and abilities to the marketplace to be of service to others.

Luci McMonagal Super Star - Rising Star




Lisha Antiqua not only made sure I understood each posture, but also made sure I understand why I am teaching it.  


The Twist Yoga training was not at all what I expected, it was better.  Most of my friends who have been through yoga training complain about not feeling confident when teaching their first classes.  I feel like Antiqua not only made sure I understood each posture, but also made sure I understand why I am teaching it.  I know how to teach the hottest and strongest styles of yoga around and am excited to begin my teaching career.  I plan on continuing my 500-hour RYT training with Antiqua as soon as possible.

Noel Divine in 9 - RYT 200 Training