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I trust you are here because you are here to LIVE FULLY. Healing your sexual center is so much more than great sex, it's confidence, creativity, value and pleasure. When your sexuality is stripped from you, taken, or misunderstood, life can feel out of control. In my programs, I help you to define yourself, love yourself and create the life of your dreams. All while healing past events, connecting to higher states of consciousness and healing generational patterns. Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to working with you personally.

A bit about me professionally, personally and historically.

The mission -

Lisha "Antiqua" has her masters in trans-personal psychology which allows her to work with you to step into your amazing future and gives her a tool box full of goodies to help you transcend pain, limiting beliefs and illness. In the not so distant past she was known to her clients (and the world) as the trauma transformer. This was before her career up-leveled yet again, and she refocused to help her clients step into their divine life paths in private session and within her professional training's for healers, coaches and yoga professionals at Your Own University.

A bit of her professional history.

Lisha opened her first business and created the yoga teacher training in the 6 personal power zone method (Divine in 9) in 2006.  Since then she has gone on to train yoga teachers at Her career then expanded to therapy, and life coaching as she developed her award winning integration methodology in 2010 and began offering "Amazing YOU - your 6 personal power zones." In 2017 after writing a few books and being featured as a speaker and expert on a few shows, she expanded her private practice to share her method through a year long training for other coaches and professionals at  She is also the founder of the non-profit the Divinely YOU foundation on a mission to end the cycle of abuse.

Her LIFE history

 Her natural ability to heal trauma and it's affects began at the age of 13 when she experienced a super natural phenomena that ended years of abuse in her family and began her healing journey.  Her search for health and answers continued as she healed from cancer, adrenal failure and PTSD and depression during her 20's.  In her 30's she learned first hand how to believe in herself as she walked through divorce and narcissism. Now in her 40's she is happy to say that although everyday is a day to grow, love and learn she is blessed to share her wisdom of overcoming and her experience with people like yourself in order to help you live fully with less struggle.

What she is doing currently. 

She has developed many training's, books and programs and was awarded as one of America's Premier Experts in self care for her work.

Today she works privately with clients, trains both yoga and coaches to work professionally as holistic coaches helping people like yourself, take your life experiences and create your legacy through your passions. She also continues to speak out against abuse and it's lasting effects.  She is currently working towards her Ph.D. and getting the Power Zones method of recovery in more centers around the globe.


Know yourself and everything makes sense.

  • Tap into and map out your LIFE blueprint
  • Love who you CHOOSE to be
  • Share your truth and your gifts with the world

I am an America's Premier Expert - cause I ROCK at transforming trauma... are you ready?

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