This is for you if:

YOU are ready to understand HOW to masterfully live your life.

Activate your divine blueprint of awareness.

Choose your reality and fall in love with who you choose to be.

You are ready for something different, because you are done with how things have been going?

You know you are here for a BIG reason and want to master your gifts.

You feel it is TIME to leap and step into your divine purpose.

You are a deal breaker - a lightworker, a survivor.

You know you are alive for a BIG reason, but are tired of struggling.

You are open to loving yourself fully.

You believe there is more than what meets the eye to life, yet things are not aligning, you are ready to step into alignment.

You want to tune into your truth and manifesting gifts.



This award winning approach to putting the pieces of your life back together after they have fallen apart - touches every important part of your life healing, empowering and loving all of you. Listen to what a few of the graduates say about their Amazing You journey.

Meet Your Trainer

Lisha Antiqua was awarded one of America's Premier Experts in self-care in 2012. Over the past 20 years she has dedicated her life to breaking the chains that abuse left and helping others do the same. She has spoken and taught on stages around the world, helping survivors find the courage to stand up and denounce the power their abuse has over them.

Lisha has her masters in transpersonal psychology and is working towards her PhD. Her education does not stop there however, she is a master yoga teacher E-RTY 500 with her yoga therapy system in multiple studios, EFT practitioner, Divine Living coach, NLP healer, reiki master and is passionate about alternative healing modalities. All this wisdom she brings to every client session.

Through her work she has discovered that you have your own formula to live healthy, happy and purposefully.  You can and will successfully end family patterns of abuse and pain and heal yourself as you do this in her programs.

The Amazing YOU adventure is a journey to uncover what works best for you to live a life you are proud of and most comfortable living, in every area of your life.

Go through this 12 step guided journey in your time, from your home. You are alive to change patterns, heal generational courses, and make new rules for yourself and future generations.


What to expect in this program ...

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  • Module 1 - Reclaim your body as your own.
  • Reclaim your health
  • Tap into your body's wisdom
  • Take back your power and love the skin you're in
  • Module 2 - ACTIVATE your wisdom body.
  • Gain flexibility and strength
  • Conenct with your wisdom body.
  • Start releasing years of baggage ... (in all forms)

I reshaped my body. I lost an overall 11-1/4 inches on my body, nearly a pound a week, and changed my body fat content drastically (still waiting for those figures :). I gained core strength that I haven't known in years. I committed to my goal and learned how to incorporate it into my daily life. I learned valuable tools for handling challenges in my life. I learned that I have great willpower and am successful in completing excellent courses. I learned to speak my truth with more confidence, too.

  • Module 3 - Taming the mind that harms you.
  • Mastering your core values.
  • Tapping into the new you.
  • Mastering the art of radical forgiveness on a deeper level.
  • Module 4 - Activate your voice, your power.
  • You are what you think ... learn to think like a queen/king
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs, PTSD and Stress
  • Secret journaling practices and the trauma way of EFT

I was hiding from my story and it was eating me up. Telling your story matters. Antiqua helped me see that too and to stop hiding and to take my power back, in spite of the story. Telling my story matters and keeping it locked away was poisoning me.

The truth does set you free.

  • Module 5 - Awaken your passion for life.
  • Gain your personal emotional blueprint
  • The art of trusting again ... yourself and others
  • Tools to raise your vibration and attract a new story into your life
  • Module 6 - Turn on your magnetic superpower.
  • You are beautiful energy - how to master your unique presents
  • How to feel again ... or maybe for the first time
  • Clearing your chakras and unlocking your beautiful future from your past

Steve's Testimonial

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  • Module 7 - Tuning into your authenticity.
  • Reclaiming your life force after trauma (a very sacred event)
  • It's never to late to have a happy childhood (here is how)
  • Your happy place - going above intuition
  • Module 8 - Confidence-building on a whole new level.
  • Living inside out - soul first, developing self trust.
  • Tapping into your intuition and decision making power.
  • Ways to stay calm in the mist of a storm (cause they will happen)
  • Module 9 - Expressing your WHOLE self and nothing less with the world around you.
  • Amazing Relationships
  • Reclaiming your right to enjoying intimacy
  • The top ways of being that KILL relationships and how to avoid them.
  • Module 10 - Power Relationships making life more dreamy.
  • Creating relationships or rebirthing them
  • The most important questions to ask yourself ...
  • Boundaries done RIGHT the formula to your peace and happiness.
  • Module 11 - Living your Purpose - Manifesting Mastery
  • This is only the beginning - bring your life purpose with a plan
  • Mastering the art of being you
  • The art of trusting and following your heart to your passion work.
  • Module 12 - Plan and live powerfully, worthy and rockin'
  • Stepping into your feminine power of desire. (men's groups we will be focusing on masculine desire)
  • The art of receiving and trusting.
  • How to allow yourself to step into your divine worth.
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You get it all.
  • The Amazing YOU series of videos, mp3's and an extensive workbook
  • Access to your groups private Facebook Community
  • 12 Monthly LIVE Group coaching calls
  • Instant access to a very special success week module to get you started with style
  • Discounts on future private coaching and certification programs after completing the program.
  • Daily #arrival practice to manifest your dreams
  • Private coaching calls throughout the year.

Bonuses for this package.

  • Membership in the YOU Matter school of mastery (LOVE YOU support) 3 months FREE
  • The Nourish You course: to nourish your body and bring energy back to your life ($297 value)
  • BONUS health and wellness support
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Reboot your LIFE (heal from trauma)

When you go through trauma, your body goes into survival mode. I explain it as your circuits are blown.

This program is designed to help you integrate all your hard work,  in personal development, therapy and healing. This is your final step to living as if you had a great childhood.  You will finally be free of the seemingly endless cycle of surviving, that trauma leaves behind.

My clients had been in years of therapy and were still stuck. They were living with extra weight and illness that seemed untreatable. They had been depressed and suffering with low self esteem, PTSD and anxiety . Until they learned how to integrate and claim their freedom.

The Amazing You system gave them results, freedom, relief they had spend thousands of dollars, hours and years seeking.  Read and listen to some of the testimonials below. And it will you too.

You are here because it is your time, to say YES to yourself, find your unstoppable formula and begin again with a new lease on life.

I am excited to meet you and walk you across this bridge to your true freedom.

I started Divine in 9 (now Amazing YOU)  to regain my confidence.  I gained so much more including physical, emotional, psychological, and most importantly, SPIRITUAL strength. I learned yoga poses that strengthened my body. I also studied and practiced techniques that have brought me peace. These techniques will carry me through difficult life stages now and in the future.


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About working with Lisha
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