12-12 Soul Body Activation (meditation)

When trauma is experienced, often times people experience “leaving their body” an awareness of being outside of oneself.

Many times when someone has survived childhood abuse, this leaving the body becomes very common and is a form of self-protection. Memories are often formed from the perspective of looking down upon oneself rather than from within.

I help clients come home, so they begin healing and managing their lives with more authority and ease.

This meditation will help you, to come home.  From a place of soul connection, you gain health, more peace and sovereignty over your reality. I hope you enjoy this gift.



Fully embodying your natural essence is living fully. In this activation, we are utilizing the universal energy of this 12-12 gateway and solstice to let go of the past, align with your highest truth and call into physical form everything you require to live your divine purpose, fully.

Let me know what you experienced in the comments. Subscribe and share this because everyone deserves to live fully. 

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