Speak your truth to set you free.

I was with a client we will call her Molly, she was in week 4 of the Amazing You program and diving deep into her limiting beliefs. When I asked her a very important question. “Tell me about your childhood?” She quickly replied, ” I didn’t have a childhood.”

I knew what she meant many of my clients feel like their childhood was stolen from them, having to grow up to fast. So I asked her to share with me starting from her eariliest memory, anything she did remember, anything at all.

She began sharing her first memory at an early age before grade school and went on and on sharing her TRUTH about her non-childlike childhood. At the end of the session – I smiled, thanked her and shared a simple fact. “That was your childhood.” With tears in her eyes she said: “Yes, I see that now.”

Once she internalized that although she did not have a childlike childhood, her experience as a youth, was HER childhood, she could freely sift through her experiences to reclaim her TRUTH, her STORY and her mindset.

In this Episode of Y.O.U. tv I share three ways we hide from our truth and how you can step into your power by speaking your truth.

What did you think about this episode or “Molly’s” story? I would love to hear your truth.

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