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Healing your relationship patterns

Warrioresses – HAVE YOU SEEN HOW BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, and CAPABLE YOU ARE? Or are you warn out trying to fix everything, feel better, look better, be more successful… I keep asking myself as I marvel at the power of transformation the guides I have created over my 20-year career – How do I reach that

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Growing up walking on eggshells.

Rage and ignore – I never understood what everyone was so mad about growing up. The frustration and tension in my home are so think if it were visible we could cut it with a knife. We had three emotions, pissed, frustrated, and fake. I hated it. Growing up in an angry home was scary

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Confidence isn’t what you may think.

Confidence is a security in who you are beyond what anyone else may tell you. Confidence is emotional intelligence and your ability to navigate through pain as well as joy. Confidence is hearing the critical voice within you “shoulda”, “woulda”, “coulda,” and not taking it too seriously. Confidence is curiosity. But that’s not what we

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