Healing your relationship patterns


Or are you warn out trying to fix everything, feel better, look better, be more successful…

I keep asking myself as I marvel at the power of transformation the guides I have created over my 20-year career – How do I reach that AMAZING woman that is ready to receive what my soul is alive to give?

I have tried so many ways to reach her using all the “business” and marketing things, books, talks, tv, radio, ads, you name it I have done it.

Over my career, I have noticed my clients are driven, motivated to prove their worth, they work their ass off trying to be enough. I have reached her talking about all my holistic topics through fitness, nutrition, meditation, and prayer, being direct talking directly about the abuse. And the amazing clients that did hear me continue to have breakthroughs. But so many women are scared to let down their guard, scared to trust again, scared to stop working and achieving, scared to face anything ugly, and when they hear “healing abuse” they run. And I know all this running does is keep her in the same patterns- wishing things were different.

I get it! I tried to heal by facing my shadows, by seeking the “light,” by achieving and by making my body look as perfect as possible, listing to everyone else – as if they were the expert on me, and let’s not forget traditional therapy and coaching… NON of it worked – FULLY.

Until I began putting my relationship with myself first. I continued to get sick, be stressed, burn my burnt-out candle on both ends, and attracting “friends” that treated me as broken as I felt.
Over the past 11 years, I have used the wisdom within my program to build my life of health, create great relationships with amazing people (you know who you are), and enjoying more freedom than I have ever experienced before. All while focusing on my education so I can confidently help the community I love and want to see free.

I create a safe and accepting space for my clients because I am trauma-informed, I am a trauma transformer. (May coming Ph.D.) Not all my clients have been abused, but now when clients have stories like my own full of childhood wounds, I can hold them and even more blessings unfold. They live beyond their past – and STOP focusing on it. These women deserve to move from feeling trapped attracting the same relationships, dealing with health crisis’s and wishing they like their lives when the lights go out at night. And learn how to live connected to their love, their health, and attracting the relationships into their lives they are striving for, no longer repeating the past again and again with different characters.

The bad relationship is sometimes with self, wishing life was different, they were different – thinner, happier, more successful – no longer too much. Sometimes the bad relationship is with a partner who is negative, abusive, or dismissive. And sometimes it is with friends, an ex, or family that seem to suck the energy out of them. And almost always, they have been having so so relationships and really trying to do it right since they were a kid.
Is this you?

I have a program that will shift, heal, and help each of these scenarios, I trust myself to hold space for you, to lead you through from this seeking, healing, processing, wishing, way of life to a life of connection, independence, love, and empowerment. Through love, acceptance, and learning just a few things that your childhood forgot to teach you.

Are you ready?

Common side effects of working with me are higher self-confidence, better pay or stepping into your dream career, feeling sexy, attracting or resurrecting your relationships, and no longer apologizing. You will have clarity and a formula to walk through any storm with self-trust – cause storms happen. You will love yourself.

Are you ready?

I would love to hear from you and share how I guide people just like you to create healthy, happy, relationships.

What do you think?

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