HEAL from childhood sexual abuse and reclaim your freedom, health, and pleasure.

The root cause of your pain is the trauma. It is always the trauma. And when it comes to sexual trauma no matter how UNviolent it was or how violent – sexual trauma trumps most traumas.

The post-abuse symptoms are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and definitely affect your relationships and your earning potential. Medical science and psychological science has proven it all.

In transpersonal psychology, we focus on the whole person and the sub-levels of consciousness including your soul essence. This is what makes the courses I provide so much greater than Cognitive therapies, Somatic therapies, or trauma therapy alone.

However, beyond that, it is known that the root cause of an event is the most effective way to heal. And the truest cause of pain. Sex is part of your fundamental makeup, it has a desire both innate and emotional in nature for connection and pleasure. When this is wronged, stripped, and cut off within you, all areas of connection, creation, and self-worth are naturally affected.

This program and my signature system Amazing YOU are both designed to rewire and restore your connection to yourself, your worth, and your ability to confidently navigate your highest path.

The Paradise Awaits program is the ONLY sexual heal and freedom program designed to restore and heal the root cause of sexual abuse through rewiring your nervous system for more joy, pleasure, and fun both in and out of the bedroom.

I have researched many sexual courses and trauma classes and none of them are made for a survivor to thrive. Sexual courses and classes speak to non-survivors who are not triggered or respond the same way to sexual response as a survivor. For many survivors, no one has even shared the common responses to sexual trauma and this leaves many programs lacking, as the survivor feels broken when in fact you are only different. By no fault of your own, when you survive childhood trauma, your subconscious mind and nervous system are simply wired differently. My programs speak directly to you.

Therapy is healing at first but has been proven to retraumatize survivors through endless sessions, processing what was and dealing with the cycle of issues this abuse prolongs in one’s life. Trauma-specific therapies are better and helping survivors move forward, but don’t teach a lifelong survivor how to live a new way nor do instill the trust in themselves to choose their highest calling, instead, it usually, leaves the patient feeling dependent on the therapy. In my programs, you rewire your brain and your nervous system to trust you again and learn what your childhood didn’t teach you. How to stand on your own and trust your truth.

Last night I finished the final touches on this healing journey that will heal the root cause of one of the most damaging forms of abuse done to humans and once and for all allow you to heal. You will discover the joys of sex, how to easily drop your story and leave the past in the past, how to honor your triggers and reclaim your innocence while increasing your confidence, embodying your self worth and opening to your dream relationship (whether you are in a relationship or not).

If you are done trying and ready to look at what was taken from you and reclaim your birthright for yourself, your way start here.


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