Growing up walking on eggshells.

Rage and ignore – I never understood what everyone was so mad about growing up. The frustration and tension in my home are so think if it were visible we could cut it with a knife. We had three emotions, pissed, frustrated, and fake. I hated it.

Growing up in an angry home was scary for me and it took years for me to understand the eggshells I was comfortable navigating each day.

I’ll never forget about 6 years back when I realized that for the first time in possibly my life I didn’t wake up anticipating someone’s upset with me. At that point, I understood the impact of emotions and focus.

In today’s workshop in Unstoppable Confidence – It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. I am going to share with my audience how to put an end to “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” And end the cycle of negative emotions running your life.

During this free event you will learn:

🦋 The truth about anxiety, depression, co-dependence, and PTSD and how you can use them to heal.
⭐️ How to end the rage and sweep it under the rug (aka ignore it) cycle so you and your loved ones can have peace.
🦋 How navigating your personal emotional intelligence with confidence is your way to break the cycle and struggle in your home and body.
This workshop is for you if you grew up in an angry, distant, addictive, or dis-functional family and sweep up the eggshells and skip through life with ease.
I’m so excited to share this workshop with you.

If you’re not registered yet and want to join us live or the replay join here:…

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