Confidence isn’t what you may think.

Confidence is a security in who you are beyond what anyone else may tell you.

Confidence is emotional intelligence and your ability to navigate through pain as well as joy.

Confidence is hearing the critical voice within you “shoulda”, “woulda”, “coulda,” and not taking it too seriously.

Confidence is curiosity.

But that’s not what we normally think when we think of confidence.

We think of the image of the person standing tall hands on hips, or arms raised overhead.

We think of the business person leading a meeting or closing the big money.
But confidence isn’t things or even accomplishment. It’s a journey of self-acceptance, freedom of choice, and feeling great about your decisions.
If you are like many of my clients you have felt like no matter what you do, it’s just not good enough.

If you have felt like you keep doing things wrong, seeming to piss someone off, and yet you don’t understand how; because you really do have a good heart.

If you have worked your ass off and yet nothing seems “good enough.”
Then this event is for you!!!

You will find your unique formula to unstoppable confidence.

You will learn the six areas you must develop confidence in in-order to stop proving, working, and fighting to be enough for everyone else.

You will create a plan to embody your most confident self in 2021.
And most of all you will get to do it all from the comfort of your home over 9 days beginning January 4th Click here.

Jump in the group – get your workbook (follow the link) and turn on notifications. The replays and lives will be powerful and I’m so excited to share this process with you.

For a bonus invite a friend or two to come along with you – self-confidence is a gift that keeps giving.

What do you think?

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