FEAR TO SHINE – a survivors “normal”

Don’t be too much…
Too pretty, too open, too sexy, too smart…

Or you will make them uncomfortable and you may get in trouble. They may be offended or judge you. You may be outcasted or get in trouble.
Don’t express yourself too much or you may be asking for trouble.


I have two amazing friends and a few fabulous coaches who regularly pose and give talks from beaches or pools. They are wearing bikinis or looking beautiful, elegant. They are business coaches, real estate icons, and woman’s coaches.

Why I am saying this:

Because after my previous post with me elegantly posing in France. By the way, I consciously chose this image because I was feeling sacred, powerful, and feminine. I got a letter from someone worried about me. This person imposed their belief that being too pretty or shining too bright again, like I was in 2016 posting pictures in long golden dresses with skin showing – are at fault – for a man to render unable to control himself and hurt me.
Yes, this happens, but it’s never your fault. EVER!

Every one of us is fully responsible for ourselves. And no matter how you dress, how pretty you are, or for any other reason is it the victim’s fault.
You CAN be sexy, powerful, and sensually expressed and have good boundaries, self-respect, and be fun. You can SHINE as bright as you want.
NOTHING not even if the person is selling sex as a career – is ok to TAKE sex from anyone.

As a therapist helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse reclaim their sexuality and power. I help many clients face the common fear of being too much, standing out, being judged, getting in trouble. These are all common beliefs that block their freedom and go hand in hand especially when anyone (especially people close to them) imply or blame them for asking for it. (More on that soon).

Once they break these fears, freedom comes to find their core expression. Embrace their authentic voices, follow their passions, and ultimately trust themselves.

I am here to share with you – there is never a good reason to molest, rape, or harass anyone period. And if you have been hurt, no matter how much you shined, expressed yourself, or stood out – that horrible behavior wasn’t your fault.

So a woman’s pictures don’t give anyone permission to solicit or take sex. Not a short skirt, a flirty sexy Halloween costume.

A guy with his shirt off doesn’t give anyone permission to touch him. Just cause he has money or since he has an outgoing nature doesn’t give anyone the right to take advantage of his generosity and use sex or rape him (yes it happens.)

LET’S STOP feeding these excuses, ladies, and gentlemen. Just stop!!!
In my new course Paradise Awaits I am sharing a complete system to help you reclaim your power of expression.

You deserve to shine, be sexy, rich, and brilliantly you, and thrive. And do you, however, it feels aligned.

Learn more and see if this is a healing move for you- https://lishaantiqua.pages.ontraport.net/ParadiseAwaits

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