NO sexual assault is NEVER the victim’s fault.

If this has happened to you, I am so sorry and NO, it wasn’t your fault.

Many of my clients carry residual confusion, pain, and disconnection within them after being sexually assaulted.


The misunderstanding that others are unable to control themselves.
Many women and men have been trained by society to excuse bad behavior and self-blame.

This misconception is outdated, and debilitating to many victims. If this is you, you are not alone.

My invitation is to forgive yourself.
Forgive yourself for blaming yourself, your clothes, your state of mind, your location, your age, looks, your strength, or anything else that you are blaming for someone else’s behavior.
It wasn’t your fault.


A few years back I was assaulted. I had told the person I wasn’t interested. I had told him I was interested in someone else. I told him.
Yet, I went as a friend to an event and was drugged and raped.
An older woman close to me – blamed me for posting beautiful pictures. I had posted images of me in a gold dress; I had found for the event. As if any of this as an excuse to “take” my body and use it.
After this event I made a recovery walking myself through my Amazing You program and finding my center.
I made a Rape Kit to help survivors feel more understood as they walk through the first days of healing after an assault.
I also went into hiding.
I gained weight in order to not attract attention.
I stopped working with survivors and focused on self-development because I felt ashamed.
I stopped dressing to feel beautiful and slummed around.

I lived in fear.
And I fought to help myself.
I wished I had a mentor or therapist that could understand and help me live fully again. But there wasn’t one.

Over time with the help of a few great boyfriends, and coaches I healed. I reached out for help. I dove deeper into my work and got my degrees to further help survivors thrive again. To become the coach/therapist I needed.

Over my 10 years as a coach/therapist and 20 years in wellness working with survivors; I have noticed people get stuck not knowing how to reconcile this deep and painful belief that somehow they were responsible for someone else’s actions against them.


Now I am healthy. Stepping back into the full expression of myself in life and in work.
If this resonates with you, you are invited to join me on a journey to wholeness.

✨ It is an adventure to discover and connect with your truth and sensuality.
🌟 To deeply trust yourself and your ability to choose your lover/s.
🌺 To enjoy your beauty and self-expression.
💃🏻🕺🏼 To finally be free to feel fully and enjoy your sexuality again or maybe for the first time ever.
🔥 To take radical responsibility for yourself and set boundaries that help you protect yourself.
😇 To release old stress and pain your holding physically, mentally, and emotionally.
😍 To fully enjoy sex again on your terms.

I am calling all survivors to reclaim your power and love yourself.
I am hosting free mini-classes and inviting you when it feels right for you, to join me in my new program Paradise Awaits – begin your journey home to your sacred sexuality here –

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