My journey as your sexual abuse recovery therapist began…

I HAD cancer, my hormones were wildly off, my adrenals would soon fail. And in order to heal it all and save my life, (and relationships) I soon discovered that my BODY was reacting to my emotions, my emotions were caught in traps of memory and my memories were scary as hell. I was sick.

I had acted out. I was disconnected from love. I was “playing” a game with myself.I was avoiding and busy. I was depressed and scared. THEN through cancer, my journey of the last 20 years began.

ALL so I can share it with you. My name is Lisha Antiqua M.A. and I am a transpersonal therapist, who focuses on overcoming abuse, I have learned that there is a time in recovery were “talking about it” or taking another pill, or a sexless lonely relationship just doesn’t work anymore. I help my client’s who know how to cope with it, or work through it, or beat themselves up fix themselves. To fully enjoy life, feel sexy and safe, to have great sex, fun sex, connected sex, and even more meaningful relationships.


I am completing my Ph.D and am offering a new program centered around reclaiming your sexual power, energy, and pleasure. Far too many good people leave relationships because of sex issues or money issues and the research says sex and money have similar energy. So when you heal one, you also heal the other. Sexual abuse was controlling my health on all levels, I was sick. It was sneaking in and ruining relationships and honestly, the PTSD and anxiety were exhausting and confusing. It was not only controlling my present moment, but it was also controlling my future. I knew something had to be done. So I began studying sexuality, energy, trauma, and healing, and for the last 10 years, I have been helping survivors come home to their bodies and define their own realities. And now it is time to go even further and help them reclaim their sacred sexuality, joy, worth, and pleasure.


Paradise Awaits is the course name. AND I am opening the doors to register now. There are 2 ways to begin – Discover the first steps to reclaiming your sexuality and stay in touch. You will learn the #1 thing that keeps us blocked not healing. and you will learn the normal ways survivors react after being abused.

Start here: simply register – This is for you if you know you are ready to let go and reclaim your sexuality, bring the connection to your relationship (even with yourself) and reconnect to your creative power. 12 powerful modules to bring you home to your body and awaken your creative power and connection. REGISTER NOW and ALSO get 6 private coaching sessions with me (for basically FREE) Plus all 12 classes, workbooks, and more. Register here.

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