Why I help survivors – reclaim their sexual pleasure.

I am honored to be a “transpersonal therapist” meaning – I look at someone as a whole until, including their spiritual essence, history, life experiences, supernatural awareness and utilize many modalities to help my clients BE whole, confident, and live with more ease. For some for the first time in their lives.

Sexual trauma blocks a persons, life force, and strips away their connection with their own creative trust and sovereignty. It objectifies and survivors rationalize to create some sort of sanity within, but in doing so often letting go of a core human truth. YOU are a creator being, made in the image of a creative Source and what you believe matters.

It is my great joy for me to be completing my educational journey at this time. For my dissertation, I am creating a therapeutic method to help survivors reclaim their sexuality, their connection, and their pure joy. The program is called Paradise Awaits and it is specifically for a survivor that has done the “work” but still has some reactions: relationship issues, sexual anxiety, creepy crawlies, or sexual overdrive or underdrive, autoimmune diseases, or PTSD from sexual abuse.

This program isn’t for you if you are still processing your abuse (however, I do have a program for that too and private sessions available)
GREAT SEX is your birthright!!!

Get the first 2 training videos here – be notified when we have other training and when the deep dive classes happen.
This part is my gift to you – as the program begins I will let you know how to register. https://lishaantiqua.pages.ontraport.net/ParadiseAwaits

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