Ghosting, it’s not only dating it’s also about relationship.

Ghosting is painful it leaves uncertainty and fear of abandonment in a relationship. Often it is used to control or show dominance. And unless you are on a dating site and never speak again, it leaves strings attached that can continue to cause psychological damage to the one being ghosted and the one showing indifference by ghosting.

Sometimes, it is hard to recognize ghosting, you may not even know you are ghosting – in this episode you will gain clarity. I also share what to do about it, so you still can create space without ghosting.

This episode exposes the question you must ask yourself if you are the one being ghosted in order to put an end to it once and for all. You don’t deserve to feel guilty and confused – held hostage by “their” emotions. Do this instead.

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Ghosting is no joke. It leaves distance and unspoken hatred in relationships and is most definitely a form of abuse. Not only narcissist do it, but also people who don’t feel confident communicating or dealing with issues. It leaves the person being ghosted feeling unimportant and sets up a relationship to fail.

If you have faced ghosting or are in a ghosting relationship – set up a free consultation where I will share the steps we cover in the Amazing You program that will help you, clear the confusion and stand in confidence.

If you are a ghoster that wants to put your relationships back together. Then set up a call, the coping skills and healing that many ghosters need in order to truly trust their partners enough to share their inner struggles with, is what the Amazing You jouney will teach you.

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