Stop Shoulding, YOU KNOW what you need to do.

One of the things I LOVE about coaching compared to the therapy model is how as a coach (a master coach) I get to help my clients BELIEVE in themselves.

For survivors, who are the majority of my clients, self-trust is one of their biggest blocks. I know it has been for me. Developing trust in yourself is one of the biggest goal movers.

Trusting yourself is hard for those who have been told they are broken or messed up due to some lift event out of their control.

And still, self-trust is essential to follow through with what it takes to reach your health, relationship or business goals takes tenacity. And TRUST in the person’s advice you are taking. As a coach, I help you FIND YOUR TRUTH and follow your own advice. In this episode, I break down why it’s hard to trust and follow through on our own advice and how to trust yourself and your own advice again… YOU KNOW!

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