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Ghosting, it’s not only dating it’s also about relationship.

Ghosting is painful it leaves uncertainty and fear of abandonment in a relationship. Often it is used to control or show dominance. And unless you are on a dating site and never speak again, it leaves strings attached that can continue to cause psychological damage to the one being ghosted and the one showing indifference

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Chakra’s Are What’s On Your Nerves!

When managing your emotions and dealing with deep seeded patterns that may run back generations. Getting to know and work with your chakra system is one technique that moves mountains. I have been working in yoga therapy since I was in my early 20’s helping people heal injuries physically, emotionally and spiritual. When my students

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Speak your truth to set you free.

I was with a client we will call her Molly, she was in week 4 of the Amazing You program and diving deep into her limiting beliefs. When I asked her a very important question. “Tell me about your childhood?” She quickly replied, ” I didn’t have a childhood.” I knew what she meant many

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