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Healing generational pain

Oh, my this week was wild, for me.  Was it for you too? As a bringer of light and instrument of peace, at times I have to face my own darkness.  For instance, this week, with the 4/4 energies my life prepared me to face some very limiting agreements I accepted from my family. For

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Trauma affects us all

The other day, I had a member call me and tell me that her friends had not experienced trauma because they had money and big houses and look good. If that was only true.  Unfortunately, trauma does not miss most.  There are degrees to how much some of us go through and how long and

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Activate your gifts – it is time.

Behind the scenes, I have been hiding.  You see, what I know and what I have seen has not been so mainstream especially in my chosen faith.  However, it is there.  I have to say, I have been scared and my own fear has stopped me from sharing some very important things with you.  Now

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