Healing generational pain

Oh, my this week was wild, for me.  Was it for you too?

As a bringer of light and instrument of peace, at times I have to face my own darkness.  For instance, this week, with the 4/4 energies my life prepared me to face some very limiting agreements I accepted from my family.

For instance, life isn’t fair.  People that you think love you, hurt you. Nothing is satisfactory and you can always do better, be better, have more, be more.  The all so common, you are not _________, enough.

This is ALL CAUSE of generational pain.

They manifest in very tricky ways – storying in your subconscious and unconscious mind manifesting multiple layers of your reality from every angle.

It feels like a sticky, sticky, mess – but someone has to face them, look at every angle, try them on, feel them, contemplate them, fight them, stop fighting them and finally surrender in order to know them enough so every last particle is removed from your system.


I have been blessed to come to another level of awakened clarity for myself.

Which means for you I have even deeper insight and awareness about how you too can claim your freedom from childhood programming.

  • De-bug your system.
  • It takes courage because it means your life will change.
  • It means you won’t need as much energy pushing and pulling for and against the internal wars of ”healing, fixing, wishing and seeking.”
  • It means you’ll clearly see how flipping amazing you are – no joke! How beautiful you are and smart and powerful!
  • It means you truly have to own your reality.
  • And choose who’s the reality of their own creation you’re willing to play in.
  • It means relationships will change.
  • How you tell and relate to your HERstory will change.
  • Where you live, your finances and your habits will change.
  • It’s flipping amazing!! You are the change agent for your family and for yourself.
  • Who is ready to activate your power?

Let’s talk the world is waiting for you.   – message me or schedule a next step call 

What do you think?

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