Recovering from a crappy childhood

How can I put it more simply?


And yet, it is not our parent’s fault because they have a rough childhood too.

If you are a parent (like I am), then you probably know that you can do your best and still, your kids will think they have a crappy childhood.

Let me define a crappy childhood so you can evaluate if you had one and if it is affecting these area’s of your life right now.  If you answer YES to any of these questions then I have a special invite for you, because YOUR crappy childhood DOES NOT HAVE TO keep you running in circles.  You can break the cycles for yourself and your family all while claiming the freedom and empowerment that you desire.

A CRAPPY CHILDHOOD may show up as being – 

  1. Raised to be seen and not heard = no self-expression allowed.
  2. Ridiculed and labeled = not accepted for who you are.
  3. Abuse of any kind, chemical/substance, physical, mental or emotional, sexual
  4. Spiritual or Ethnic isolation, control, and domination.
  5. Your parents suffered from victim, survival, lack, poor, struggle, anger, depression, pity.
  6.  Neglect or abandonment


We live in a time where science and psychology have proven that our early childhood circumstances affect our minds and our emotions.

We also know that how we think and feel affect how we manifest life around us.  Like it or not, good or bad, logical or unlogical, healthy or unhealthy, rich or poor.

Early childhood events and the way you were raised may be the cause of why you can or can not reach your goals. What you experienced before the age of 7 and things you learned about how to BE, run unconscious programs in your mind, creating “triggers” or feelings you don’t want to feel, but can’t turn off without knowing how.  What you experienced before the age of 12, run in your subconscious and unconscious mind.  So if you had any of the “crappy 6” before the age of 12  I hope you say YES to yourself and register for the Amazing YOU 12 week journey asap.  Life is too short to keep living in the past.

Here are some cycles that automatically begin manifesting in the lives of people who have experienced any or all of the 6 “crappy childhood” identifiers above.

 YES to #1 –  This can create a life of co-dependence and people pleasing causing what is labeled as low-self-esteem. So cycles of feeling misunderstood and unimportant or having to fight to be heard –  continue until this cycle is broken.

YES to #2 – This can cause someone to do one of two things – either believe and live within the limits of their labeling or rebel and spend a lifetime exhausted proving the labels wrong. This tiring cycle continues until your inner child is witnessed and you define yourself, beyond labels.

YES to #3 – This often breeds the victim or survivor mentality which put the victim who survived into a lifetime of manifesting events/circumstances and relationships to survive or struggle through.  Or it creates another perpetrator. This cycle continues creating struggle and survival from money situations to relationships until your inner child is accepted, learns a new way of being.

YES to #4 – This creates a person full of fear and judgment, who usually needs approval and permission from other people (not God) to do anything, including love and accept others.  This group breads “righteous prejudice” and anger.  The cause of most wars. This cycle continues from church to politics and beyond until self-acceptance and your relationship with your higher power is personalized and healed.

YES to #5 – This causes a child to forgo their childhood and parent their parents.  This causes the cycle of thinking of others before self, but not in a balanced or good way.  Usually, there is no identity or loss of identity – this can lead to never really feeling like yourself, always seeking to improve or get to know yourself and identity issues. This cycle continues until you are able to self-identify, define your values and choose who you desire to be – beyond your interactions with others.

YES to #6 – This can lead to a life or wanting to be accepted, cared for and loved which can cause the seeker to go to drastic measures to earn this belonging.  Not trusting others, yourself or even situations. Not knowing how to receive love or much of anything from a place of trust.  So cycles of abandonment, lack of supply and mistrust cycle until this is healed.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAL, RECLAIM, RE-ENERGIES yourself and end theses unconscious patterns once and for all? 

Any or all of these can affect how you manifest MONEY, LOVE and how much happiness or health you allow into your life.  To LEARN ways to manifest more MONEY, LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS means you need to delete the old programs you got in childhood and choose new ways to live in alignment with what you do want, who you do want to be and how you want to be this true version of yourself.

Here is the invite – I want to share with you 30 years of research and help you cut the crap from affecting your life, so you can step into your beautiful life, in my Amazing YOU program.


A 12-week journey to end the cycles that a crappy childhood causes and create the life you really want.

This is for you if: 

  • YOU have been dealing with your crappy childhood for far too long and are ready to be done.
  • YOU have dreams and ambitions you want to pursue.
  • YOU want to find true love.
  • YOU want to make more money, with less effort and feel great about your work.
  • YOU want to feel like yourself, confident in who you are and how you do things.
  • YOU are over the story and ready to LEARN how to live like you had a happy childhood.
  • YOU are ready to heal generational patterns and have a healthier and happy family life.
  • YOU want your kids and their kids to have it easier and are willing to take 100% responsibility for yourself.
  • YOU are open to more fun, joy, and pleasure in your life.
  • YOU are open to doing new things.
  • YOU are open to getting out of your comfort zone.
  • YOU know you are meant for so much more and ready to get out of your own way.
  • YOU are ready to FIND yourself.

Register here 



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