Body PAIN – is it hurting you?

Can we agree there is NOTHING that takes away the joy of life like physical pain, just ask someone who can’t get out of bed or is dealing with a physical illness?

Yesterday, I went to a class here in Alaska for ACES Adverse Childhood Experiences and it was a great review. The first time I was introduced to ACES was in college when I was asked to participate in the study through my insurance in Colorado. Then I began putting two and two together – meaning my cancer and my childhood experiences in fact scientifically linked together.

And your childhood experiences and your physical, mental and emotional health NOW are also linked.

Trauma can be a one-time thing or ongoing either one can adversely affect your life for years and years, however, IT DOES NOT HAVE TOO!!Love heals pain

In fact, the last 30 years of my life I have spent transforming those effects in my life and I help my clients do the same.

Getting in touch with your body and discovering how YOU CAN feel great in your skin, is so very important when it comes to living a great life.

I put a short video series together with a while back to help you understand how the body processes and hold onto trauma and how you can release it and truly heal once and for all.

YOU deserve to feel great in your skin and handle it like a pro when your body is ever in pain or sick in the future.

Grab this free class here – and while you are at it, register for the YOU Matter daily love habits and masterclasses because the daily habits I share with you ARE the exact things the ACES class suggested to the audience to retain their mind and heal their bodies “natural” responses so they can live healthy and happy lives.

The leaders of the class, also said the hardest part in reversing the effects of early childhood experiences is NOT KNOWING what to do that is different and KEEPING IT UP once they learn. When you join Y.O.U. you will get them what to do, the support and the community to help you keep it up and you deserve that extra boost to live a long and healthy life.

I wanted to jump up and say I SOLVED THIS PROBLEM and give everyone this opportunity to end the cycle of pain in their lives. But I sat quietly and smiled a BIG inner smile because WE HAVE SOMETHING amazing right here that CAN and WILL transform your life, heal your mind, heal your body and end once and for all the after effects of adverse experiences.

GRAB YOUR VIDEO TRAINING – Love the Skin You Are In. understanding how trauma affects your body and how to shift it. Then after you register for it, you will be invited to join Y.O.U. – go for it!! 

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