Waiting for the perfect time to be well

Waiting for things to be perfect – waiting for the perfect time!! To believe/invest in yourself and change your life. 

I get it. I spent years seeking the answers to heal my past, to change, to find myself.  However, every step of the way I invested in OTHERS, I invested in books, I invested with teachers, healers, guides.

I got some relief a few answers but in reality, I got nowhere.

So if you are still investing in a solution outside of yourself.

From my heart to yours enjoy the wait.  Cause you will be waiting for a long long time.

The truth be told – YOUR ANSWERS ARE WITHIN YOU. 

The other truth is YOUR MIND is designed to repeat the past and keep things as they are… so UNTIL YOU decide to leap things will stay the same.

A coach, a good coach like myself, will teach, listen and help you see beyond your own stories and HERstory while asking you specific questions that will help YOU FIND YOUR ANSWERS to set yourself free.

When you do leap things will be a free fall at first, you’ll manifest crap in your life to make it seem like the wrong time or like you can’t. Not because it’s true but because you’ve never known anything else so your mind will do all it can to keep you safely in the life your living. If you have been spinning in circles, taking someone class, learning, reading and changing things again and again or worse waiting for the perfect time when you don’t have any excuse and life just goes on hold so you can finally heal your wounds. 

STOP listening to your mind telling you:

Not enough money?? You and everyone else but if you need it the money is there, for the groceries, your car getting fixed, a friend needing a loan. Why would you think it would be any different for you now – when you’re choosing to get to know you. The universe has your back, your mind is a fear alert system and although it’s doing its job, it’s keeping you stuck.

Fear of facing the past? Well, this isn’t therapy. Fear it will be to hard, fear you’ll cry forever or hate what you find or be responsible for all the bad things that happened to you. Those are big stoppers and all of them you’ve been fighting off most if not all of your life. Believe me, once you do face them with the weapons I am going to show you how to use they will never bother you again.

I’m not ready. Really? You’re not ready to finally feel great and confident about who you are and how you can stomp out anything from your past. You’re not ready to own your superpowers and face this world with beauty and power by your side. You’re not ready to take your life back, live your truth and stop dealing healing and seeking help to put your past in its place. Really?

I don’t have time… kids, work, health, age, husband…. yes yes yes we all have that if we are lucky. So you don’t think your husband, boss, kids would like to see their mother, sister, friend be less stressed, more confident, well rested, kinder, calmer, freer? Sure they would. The victim is running this story and the survivor is scared shitless that the people that hurt you are right. They are not right. Stop making your family suffer from mood swings, crying, fear, insecurity, pain running your life. They deserve and you deserve better. You’re a great person stop hiding behind lies.

In the grand scheme of things the money and time you’ll spend in this program is nothing conspired to the LIFE it will save. The years you’ve been dealing with, healing, seeking and praying for relief can be over. I know I am promising a lot and you will have to do the work learn the skills and have the courage to face yourself but I KNOW what is on the other side of this bridge and you will love love love YOU.

You can let your excuses or trigger continue to run your life and you can lose more years or get half answers piecing your life together one zone at a time, or you can leap and fly now.

Register here – https://amazingyougroups.securechkout.com/2017


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