Activate your gifts – it is time.

Behind the scenes, I have been hiding.  You see, what I know and what I have seen has not been so mainstream especially in my chosen faith.  However, it is there.  I have to say, I have been scared and my own fear has stopped me from sharing some very important things with you. 

Now is the time. It is time to activate your gifts, to awaken your own sleeping dragon within and transform the world.

It’s the time not because of me, but because of you and the world. LOTS is happening and it is time for all of us to stand up and use our God-given gifts to transform the world, starting with ourselves, then our family and then the world.

I have been raised for this time, trained both in public and in private, masterfully honing my skills of transformation and generational healing and release.  I recall sitting under a tree for months back in 1998 clearing family trauma from my cells, that was when I began this mystical way of relating to life.  Although, it truly began at the tender age of 13 when my life transformed in a week when Jesus appeared to me and told me to go home and tell.  That is when I became the trauma transformer and began my official training beginning with myself.

I believe you were drawn to my site because you are also a trauma transformer.

You may have an idea of your gifts and powers yet you don’t yet know how to formally command them to work for you.  They are still at the will of God’s grace alone.

Maybe you are still stuck in the cycle of experience, both the drama and trauma.

Maybe you are in the victim – survival cycle knowing you can manifest more yet not knowing how to tune into different frequencies.

Maybe you know you are healing old patterns yet you are not sure how to masterfully use the tools you have and want a few more.

Then I have good news for you.  The Amazing YOU group is beginning.  YES, this program will transform your life.  YES, this program will help you help your family and future generations change old patterns and be happier, healthier and wealthier.

BUT WHAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW – is this course will train you in 24 masterful layers hidden within your personal field and the tools to clear them, heal them and align them with your unique truth – so you can easily and effortless transform old patterns, negative thinking and pain points in your life once and for all.

There is more below or you can learn more about the when and what about this program and how much – energy in, for energy out.   HERE


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