Trauma affects us all

The other day, I had a member call me and tell me that her friends had not experienced trauma because they had money and big houses and look good.

If that was only true.  Unfortunately, trauma does not miss most.  There are degrees to how much some of us go through and how long and of course, how we each cope with the trauma.  

Sometimes, we recover quickly and our body resets and the trauma never accurses again.  Other times trauma blows out our system and it takes months or years to recover.

For others, trauma gets so “normal” it continues to disrupt your life – over and over again. Either through repeating experiences/patterns manifesting again and again or popping up disrupting our moods, memories, relationships, like PTSD and anxiety or illness. It can block you from achieving and creating a truly beautiful life. 

But it does not have too. 

You are not meant to live in survival mood or continually be dodging victimizing situations. However, the “world” doesn’t teach us how to cope with the regular trials of life or tune into your gifts to manifest, shift and heal. 

Which is where the programs I offer and coaching sessions we will have come in. 

If learning how to create your ideal life was mainstream or one-sided then everyone would be doing it. Eventually, that’s the goal. However, lucky for you, you were lead to this page. 


6 Day's of transformational habits.

Let’s get to know one another a bit better.  By signing in you will be a transformational journey through self-love and learn more about your power zones, daily habits and of course me.  You will also be joining my newsletter list for other special emails I send out. 

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  • You’re healthy, your body works for you instead of against you and you know your unique blueprint to take care of it. 
  • You’re at peace. This means you know how to direct your thoughts and use your mind to create joy and ease in your life, even when hardships and old crap come to the surface. 
  • You’re happy. You can go with the flow, you easily and effortlessly connect with the beauty around you. All while knowing how to shift and transmute the negative vibes that are sure to flow by. 
  • You have a deep connection with your truth. This higher consciousness is unique to you. It includes your faith and relationships to “God” as well as using your 6th sense gifts to tap into even greater miracles. 
  • You have thriving and supportive relationships in your life. You show up as yourself with no excuses and are received. 
  • You are prosperous. You can manifest more than enough money. You see your work and service being received and you know how valuable you are. 

Does this sound like a good life to you? 

If so then great! 

First, join the private groups that are tagged on this page. Women You Matter and Men You Matter. 

There you will begin learning about your 6 power zones and discover more about how you can clear out the old and create more balance and peace in your life now. 

Second, if you are ready to say YES and start actively creating your divine life NOW create your membership at where you will get the daily love you habits systematically put together to being transforming your life now. Plus, access to masterclasses to heal, tune in and activate your own special gifts. 

Third, this is for you if you KNOW you are done playing small, focusing on the trauma and the past and want to transform your life on the fast track. Register for the Amazing You program at 

In this program, we will work together to find your unique blueprint, transform the old you and align with the real you that’s been aching to come out of hiding. 


Welcome to the group – I know you are here to heal yourself, your family and fall in love with YOU! 

It’s my honor to serve you. 




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