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The Awakening – the event your soul embodies light.

Everyone has an awakening. The moment you realize you are, you. The moment of awareness that goes beyond anyone else’s experience of you. Many have had near death experiences which trigger such supernatural atonement. Others had a spiritual encounter with God or someone that began their awakening. First, there is a bliss and awe. Then

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Your Body their profit.

You are not your body… BUT your body is yours. It’s a billion-dollar business, gone wrong.  And women are sucked into it every day.  Girls and women indoctrinated into trying to figure out how to look different than they do, making us unhappy and often sick. Don’t be fooled any longer, your body is yous, not

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The darkness is nothing to be afraid of.

The truth is we all walk around in the darkness, the darkness of things happening that don’t feel loving or kind. The darkness of our thoughts and judgments. The darkness of others judgments and fear. The darkness of shame and guilt and regret. The darkness of lack and pain and hopelessness. The darkness that lingers

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