How I lost 50 lbs.

I remember gaining 70 lbs when I was pregnant. Yup, I went from 125 ish to 198 then lost a whopping 10 lbs down to 189 after my daughter was born 15 years ago. I had gained 50 lbs of fat eating for two and honestly, it was uncomfortable. 

When it came to my body, we had a rough relationship. And food and I didn’t get along the best. I have celiac disease, had already recovered from cancer and adrenals failure and bulimia by the time I peaked at 189. I was terrified to diet and being a new mom meant loving my body not going back to my daily 2 hour workouts. 

I am best friend with a woman who didn’t gain but maybe 5lbs beyond her baby weight. So I asked her how she stayed lean. She said she ate on a saucer. Later that week I was crying to my mom about it and her words fit Denise’s, she said if you want to be half the size of your man, eat half of what he eats. 

When it came to eating for two, I had taken the job seriously. Hahaha 

So I began eating on a saucer. I also began yoga and Pilates again and within a year, just in time to get pregnant again, I was fitting into my old jeans. 

Eating smaller portions didn’t heal my then body dysmorphia but that’s another story. 

In America especially we expect too much from our bodies, but our minds are trained to want a full plate, for today’s body Tue s day – body today. I challenge you to eat off a saucer or smaller plate for two weeks and let me know how your pants and guts feel.

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