Angel Assistance – Do you believe?

When I was young I remember standing in the church and looking up to see shining figures floating above the Priest. I began walking to them, and my mother allowed me to go right up in the middle of Mass and stand there.

I know the story about me interrupting church a few times when I was a little girl like that. But I never remember the front of the church, just the vision of angels.

Some may call me nuts, but in my house the ability to see beyond was normal. My Father was Oglala and had visions all the time, he would be able to see things in my room when I had just cleaned it before he physically checked. I was always blown away by this, but like I said seeing has been normal. He would share how he learned to use his gifts, from his Grandparents.

So for me, I never thought much of it. I do admit at times it got scary, especially before I knew how to use my discernment and manage my own energy.

A few years ago I was at a Church event Dunamis and the room filled with Angels, you could hear them worshiping.  We had people standing by holding the space for worship. Then friends began to tell the group the Angels are here, and the whole room filled with light. It was magical.

For these reasons alone, I believe and have always wanted to learn more about working with the Angels. But until now, my own discernment kept me from diving too deeply. Until I began meeting with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney of Gateway University and diving into my studies for my Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology.  The moment I found out that as part of my studies I could choose to learn how to use Angel blessing cards to assist my clients having breakthroughs and deeper insights, I was all in.

So the process began.

I have been studying for a little bit now and am offering super affordable Angel Card blessing and coaching sessions now using the most complete and beautiful cards along with my own inner sight and intuition. 

Today on Facebook I did a reading just for fun – I choose cards for the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, and the Collective, they were spot on. Here you can watch it.

If you would like your own session – schedule yours here. I am so jazzed to offer this to you. So many blessings are on the way. 

What do you think?

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