The Awakening – the event your soul embodies light.

Everyone has an awakening.

The moment you realize you are, you.

The moment of awareness that goes beyond anyone else’s experience of you.

Many have had near death experiences which trigger such supernatural atonement.

Others had a spiritual encounter with God or someone that began their awakening.

First, there is a bliss and awe.

Then there is a shedding of self. This can be painful if one fights it. The layers of existence we have to master on this plane of duality and universal law.

The 4 major layers-

One becomes aware they are not their body. Often through the experience of having to function without control over it for a time.

Then after one surrenders to this awareness, they realize they are so much more and their personal blueprint for body care is carried out.

Then the loss control continues through the mental and emotional bodies, as each one of these persona’s die off and the awakened soul begins to explore the inner dimensions of energy and multidimensional play.

Until one day the mind and emotions become tools of awareness rather than states of being used to help the awakened soul map out ones divine path on this earth walk.

Then the astral gifts, superpowers, empathic, manifesting, psychic gifts begin driving one seeming crazy. Questioning reality itself comes into play. If one remembers they are not the body, mind or emotions then it is easier to transcend through this state of awareness and master your gifts. Yet, many get lost in the separation of illusion, feeling special and ego takes over again. This body of self (the etheric or astral or psychic are common names for labeling it) eventually becomes normal, and the realization that everyone can and will awaken to their spiritual gifts is accepted. As the one accepted their own. ”12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father. ” Matthew 14:12

The final stage or continued light work.

When this round of awakening has completed the dark night of the soul and awakens to the awareness that they are not their etheric gifts or bound to the body, mind or emotions yet given these elements of the human walk to express and create with freedom begins, and their light mission begins.

Yet as any aware person knows the awareness of self-continues to deepen as we cycle through deeper healings. First awakening to the individual self and then to the collective passing through generational, life karma, lifetime karma, collective karma, letting more and more.of the false self-go. And learning how to love their neighbors as ourselves, first loving yourself, first loving God.

Being awake is more than being aware of self, but, being aware of God within all. Respecting self by showing respect to others and protecting the God within you first by setting boundaries to be respected. 
Treat yourself with love first and that also means making sure you’re surrounded by love as well as being love. From this space, we can listen to each others story and everyone will show us how to love them as they are able to receive love.

This keeps it simple. I felt lead to share after an experience last night and dream.

Awake is so much more than being healthy or in touch with your emotions or aware of things mentally or spiritually, it means allowing all that to die off continuously while honoring everyone else journey as you would your own.

It is my intention to get to know you, to honor your awakening and where you are in your path. We are all walking home to Self. It’s not a race but a journey and no two journeys are alike. If I get a chance to walk with you on any part of your path, thank you, I am grateful.

This is the life of lightworkers and the journey of awakening as I see it, in all my clients and myself.

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