That is the question I asked myself 18 years ago, as I sat on the floor looking up, as nearly 200 people gathered around me.
I had just left my body (a normal thing for most trauma survivors) but this time, I left and went to be healed. Years of body illness would be over and a new journey would be beginning.
As I looked up and Emi was about to rush me out of the room, to explain to me, not to think much about it. That supernatural things happen and to accept it and not to figure it out. People elevate.
That is when I asked myself, what is this all about, what is self-realized?
I even wrote a song about it – and it got a standing ovation a few years ago 😉 but that is another story.
The first thing to know is that WE ALL are ALIVE and will continue to be ALIVE until we LIVE self-realized. MEANING aware of HOW to utilize the tools GOD gives us not as us but for us, and BE who we ARE beyond those identifiers.
It is important to KNOW that you are given unique tools that are designed authentically for your soul to continue to grow. Earth is a school of learning, the only “school” that has all 5 aspects of identifiers at once to master and live beyond.

What are the 5 identifiers – that are yours to REALIZE and live beyond?

1) YOUR physical body and all things physical.
2) YOUR mental body and all mentality
3) YOUR emotional body and your vibration
4) YOUR etheric or psychic body, your witness awareness
5) YOUR soul signature – your eternal self.
YOU ARE ALL! ALL and ALL – that is being and living self-realized, I help people discover their personal map and GO HOME so you can LIVE your authentic purpose.
I am offering YOUR POWER MAP sessions – to bring your awareness about how much energy you are holding or wasting in each of your identifiers and bring you more balance. We will also talk more about what I teach and how I help my clients during this FREE session. Schedule yours here.

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