God – Change my life…

How many people have you hired to change your life? 
Doctors, therapists, teachers…

How many books have you written to change your life? The Bible, Self Help, The Alchemist

How many time have you prayed for God to come down and change your life? Again and again and yet…

He sends you an idea to hire a person or a book that leads to more confusion.

Maybe He sent you to my page, and you wonder why.

Because no person or book or even God can help you, only you can help you.

God will lead you to the person or information that can help you understand HOW but that is all even He will do, in most cases to honor how He made you with the divine will.

You have to change the age your life. If God sent you here to me to help you understand his HOW and discover how to change for yourself. Then why have you not yet hired me? Or joined the YOU Matter school of mastery to begin your journey to help yourself?

Often times we ask for help, we are given information but never act on it, cause somehow we are still waiting for something or someone outside ourselves to tell us what to do. Tell your inner child to step aside and take control of you’re next step.

Schedule a consultation here or simply register for Amazing You – God sent you here for a reason open the door and let me help you get the results you desire. It’s time to make a change, you’re life deserves it.

I have a road map to how: https://lishaantiqua.com/next-step-consultation/

What do you think?

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