Your Body their profit.

You are not your body… BUT your body is yours.

It’s a billion-dollar business, gone wrong.  And women are sucked into it every day.  Girls and women indoctrinated into trying to figure out how to look different than they do, making us unhappy and often sick. Don’t be fooled any longer, your body is yous, not for profit. In this blog, I share 5 truths to break free from endlessly trying to get healthy, fit and feel comfortable in your skin.

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Your body their profit…

Are you stuck in this cycle. I’ll share 5 truths to set yourself free and a journey to dive deep into your wisdom.

Posted by Lisha Antiqua – Holistic Trauma Transformer on Wednesday, May 16, 2018


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Before I do, I want you to know.  I too was obsessed with diets, workouts, detox, even the occasional “alternative” diet aid. Yet, nothing would bring me the result I wanted.  To feel comfortable in my skin and pretty no matter whom I was around.

I even went to school to be a fitness nutritionist and help people learn how to eat right.  My whole life revolved around what I ate, what workout I did and figuring out why it wasn’t working the way I wanted it to.  After adding up all the treatments, memberships, classes, special diet aids etc.. I would say I spent on average $10000 a year trying to fix my body and look just right.

I wish I could say this was a short period of my life, but it wasn’t.  I wish I could tell you that it only affected myself, but it didn’t. I even attracted people into my life that saw the flaws in my body that I saw. 

I went through the phase, of being angry at my body.  I felt sad that I had to look perfect for love and others seem to be lovable no matter their weight.  I went through the phase of blaming the family patterns and my genes.  And the all too perfectly fit, media pushing workouts and diets. I also wallowed in the fact that I am still not a firm size 2 or 118 pounds with ease, the heartache and pain is real. I get it, and it ran my life.

UNTIL I REALIZED – why I was struggling so very much and began to reclaim my power and a joyful relationship with my body.


1) My body does not need to EAT or MOVE like anyone else’s.

2) My body is what it is, I can either support it with love or fight it with rejection. It is my choice.

3) No book, plan, pill or program that claims to know what my body needs will ever help me know what my body needs.

4) I am NOT my body, my body is mine.  “You are not your body, your body is yours.”

5) My body is not skin deep, there are layers to knowing it and it is up to me to get to know it.


It took me years to get to know my body, in some ways as I am getting older I am getting to know it all over again.  However, I have learned that the ONLY way to health is through love.  The only way to fitness is through caring and the only way to feeling great in my skin is through acceptance.

The Amazing Body 6-week program is a journey through the layers of your body.  Where I give you the questions that let you get to know your body, beyond food and diet (although we cover that too) so you can work WITH your body rather than against it.

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It is your birthright to live in a temple you LOVE, to feel confident, and beautiful.

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