Ascension symptoms? Why and How to transform them.

Transformers, survivors, healers! 

We are here on a mission to end cycles of hardship and abuse of all kinds. We are shifting generational karma, we are whistleblowers and we are survivors! 

And we are a Soul family!!

I am calling my soul sisters who are waking up to their power. Discovering who you are and rising to your next level. 

You have been brave and faced your shadows and many times other people’s as well. You shined light on them and create change. 

You know in your heart the world is waking up – humanity is waking up and your tribe is a warrior tribe. 

But it’s been hard and you’re tired of fighting, healing, fixing, breaking cycles all the time. 

It is time to learn a new way of living. One that allows you to expand your Empathic gifts and awareness while harnessing your piece of heaven on earth. But many of our soul sisters are getting stuck fixing. 

A lot of us are experiencing ascension symptoms, ranging from headaches to skin conditions or organ detoxing to emotional & mental releases as well as spiritual kundalini awakening. This can leave us feeling like we are spinning in place. 

This is happening because our 4 primary bodies are detoxing in order to merge and create our light body. And It’s affecting our work, prosperity, and relationships.

But it doesn’t have too. 

In order to truly serve, you must know yourself, learn how to move beyond the victimization we have seen and experienced, beyond surviving and working and fixing and fighting. Yet, this isn’t a formula it’s an awakening an inner process of relearning and reprogramming only you can do for you. You’ve most likely already begun but something within you wants to skip all the digging and searching and just arrive already. 

That’s why I’ve dug for the past 30 years, so you don’t have too. Say YES and let's talk. Also, you can check out my programs - Amazing YOU (private coaching) or the Holistic Coaching Certification through Y.O.U.  

Ignite your supernatural gifts to easily and masterfully heal the past on all levels, end cycles, and even coach people through their own awakening process.  

You will also go on a very specific journey over 12 weeks to master your unique mechanics of each body we have; Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual bodies as well as their two expression forms. Mastering your 6 personal power zones and to fully embodying the amazing soul you are.  Allowing your soul's purpose to be fulfilled, confidently with clarity and peace. 

If this sounds like an answer to prayer for you say YES by scheduling your next step consultation with me - here. 

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