What if YOU are not the YOU, you think you are?

Like you, I too have spent most of my life, facing shadows all of which showed me more light once the end of the dark tunnels illuminated themselves.
I help many clients facing their own battles, MS, Cancer, Depression, PTSD, Spiritual disbelief and fear, low self-definitions, self-hate, a lifetime of struggle and seeking.
And I have walked through many of these battles and won myself – this is what makes me America’s Premier expert, my story and my win’s. It’s not that I am famous or rich or the best, it’s because I have lived it, done it and honestly am over it. My clients get miraculous results because I KNOW the struggle and have studied the dark corners and less about the education or theory behind how I help them turn their darkest nights into bright days.
If you are either in a dark night or if you keep getting pulled back to one over and over again, message me.
Here are some dark nights I have personally overcome:
  • Childhood physical and sexual abuse – turned into inner child joy
  • Rumors and bullying – confidence and courage to be vulnerable
  • Cancer – remission
  • Adrenal Failure/anxiety – plenty of energy and calm
  • Chronic Fatigue – well rested
  • Unexplained weight gain – I feel comfortable in my skin at any weight
  • Hormone imbalance – balanced
  • Depression – positive and aware
  • Suicidal thoughts and one attempt – no longer afraid of abandonment
  • Narcissistic abuse – honoring my own boundaries and a voice
  • Low self-worth – seeing the gifts within the shadows
  • Flashbacks – no more
  • Rape – reconnected to my body and sexuality and purity
  • PTSD – healed
  • Confusions and self-doubt – self-trust and awareness
  • Over proving and impressing – self-acceptance and powerful decisions
  • co-dependency- awareness, and self-love healthy habits
  • bulimia – balanced eating and emotional openness
  • Perfectionism – forgiveness, and acceptance
  • being poor – great appreciation and giving
  • self-pity – forgiveness, and compassion – self-empathy
  • shame/guilt – higher vibrations and love
  • humiliation – seeing the matrix for what it is and laughing at the self
I am sure there is more, but you get my point. I have peace with my inner child, self-trust, I am no longer scared of death, I am not longer attracting relationships that suck me dry. I am healthy, I am happy, I laugh, I play, I make the best out of what is. I am no longer afraid of the dark. And that is what makes me stand out from other coaches.  Results! 
When you choose a coach to help you come out of the dark, ask them what dark they have faced and have overcome.
How long have they been coaching (I’ve been coaching professionally since 2007 – teaching wellness since 1998) and about their education.  I have multiple certifications and my own yoga teacher training and coaching certification schools – plus I am currently working towards my Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology.
However, what is most important to ask them is WHAT results have they experienced from their program.  What transformations have they had in their lives, how can they relate, empathize and help you navigate yourself back to your truth.  Because ultimately, that is what coaching is all about, it is about letting go of the story, the pain, the definitions and choosing who you desire to be and then creating yourself once again, beyond the survivor. 
If you are living in the underworld, as I now am calling it, where your inner child is held captive and sadness is at war. If you see this and are ready to learn a new way, actually an old way, but a way that will set you free. If you have the courage and a grain of faith in yourself. If you are willing to know just how amazing you are and reconnect to the essence of yourself beyond your programming to awaken your divine blueprint.
I have a few slots open for this quarter in my Amazing Your program – where you get to see your light and FEEL it too.
A video from Jim Carrey inspired this blog so yay for going into and beyond the shadows to liberate your truth!! Let’s do this.  I appreciate what he says about being whole and about emotions and definitions simple flowing through him. That you are whole, in it all.  That is the beauty that comes to life during the Amazing You Journey for you. 

What do you think?

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