Breaking Up with Negative Thinking

There is nothing more draining than negative thinking especially when your thoughts are picking you apart.

So many things can throw you into negative thinking, it’s like a drug labeled “being realistic” and it sucks. Maybe you are like me a few years ago, getting out of a bad marriage lost in the judgments and pain.

The pain of a bad relationship can teach you a lot. Negativity is like staying in a draining relationship for years longer than you know you should. However, how can you break up with your own head?

Often times, when anxiety, worry, and downright “not good enough” thoughts keep creeping in on you, like an old boyfriend. When you entertain them they stick around and come around more. You literally manifest more things to worry about, more things to complain about and block you from your best life into your life.

Do you want to know how to break up with those thoughts and once and for all break up with the negativity?

The saying is old habits can die hard! But I have good news, they don’t have too.

You probably have heard the famous saying by Albert Einstein, “You can’t solve a problem the same way it was created.”

What does this mean for you and your negative thinking?
It means you won’t EVER be able to think your way out of this problem, and that is what keeps most people stuck.

But not you! Not anymore.

To shift your thinking, you need to shift your energy and change your story. Then you have to repeatedly break up with your old story, just like an old boyfriend or bad marriage that you hit re-play on a few too many times, simply say NO. You may have to tell your MIND no a few 100 times, but eventually, negative Nelly will get the point and you will be free.

There is a fast way to cut off negativity by using energy medicine and soul energy to cut off ties cold turkey with them once and for all.

I have a masterclass at Your Own University if you want a hand breaking up once and for all and learning how to start manifesting what you REALLY want instead of more negativity.

This masterclass is transformational and healing, quieting negative thinking once and for all.

* Reprogram your mind to work for you!
* Create room for better thoughts
* Feel free, happy and joyous
* Open to more love ❤️

Get access here

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