30 Years of gratitude in trauma recovery

This is a long one and for that I am grateful. You’re not going to learn any technique or be invited into any program. 

If you choose to read this long ass message you will learn about great teachers, healers, and influencers in my life. You will walk with me as I remember the great women and men who helped me bring together the 6 power zones and become the trauma transformer. 

This note is to publicly recognize them because far too often after someone changes your life, life changes and with the new normal we forget why we ever needed their help. It’s a teachers blessing and course. 

This post is full of so much love! Everyone mentioned helps me help others today. 

People who I am so grateful I met, invested in and allowed to share their gifts with me. If I haven’t said thank you, validated you please let me share your impact on my life with the public now. 

As a creator coach, I know how often the inside work it takes to sell and promote and create your offerings is unknown. And sometimes the long-term impact is overlooked. I’m not tagging everyone cause that would be invasive on their pages. But I know by announcing this publicly the ripple of appreciation will be felt. We all have value and it takes courage to put it out and work it – I am so very happy these men and women did. 

Father Tom – for song, let me sing in the adult choir. Actually everyone at Sacred Heart Of Mary for giving me a foundation to worship and praise and begin teaching. Teaching sign language when I was in 5 & 6 grade to the first graders began my teaching career. I am forever grateful. 

Caroline Myss your body of work literally raised me. I have no idea what my life would be like without your Energy Anatomy program birthing my love for the physical body, energy bodies. The 30 years I’ve studied and read nearly everything you’ve put out. I always open to new awarenesses of myself. 

My mama’s my biological mom Dr. Altair

and Cindy my friend’s mama both taught me that it’s ok to go deep and look at the hardships and pain without having to relive it (like the therapist did it). They encourage me to think outside of the box while staying aware that not all energy is positive. 

Joy and Nina teaching me how to navigate my visions and connection to the spirit world – for this I can never thank you enough. I believe I would have gone crazy without you helping me make sense of the higher realm between heaven and here. Thank you for taking a chance on a wild and brilliant kid, my old soul thanks you forever and ever. 

Dr. Nancy Rowe and Jen thank you for introducing me to and teaching me hands-on energy work and how we store memory in our bodies. Thank you for treating my cancer and helping me heal. Jen thank you for all you love through my pregnancies and helping me move beyond there losses. 

Ammachi and your community thank you forever more for leading me to control my thoughts through Mantra and validating the Christ light within. Thank you for bringing me to a place where I didn’t have to prove anything but could simply be, and do my service and love through Seva. Thank you for meditation and mantra and Thank you for love!! 

Dr. Anna Altair, Dr. Corwin, Dr. Zida I am pretty sure my body was so blown from trauma that none of the people would have been nearly as helpful without first having N.O.T and N.E.T. And NERI thank you for resetting my organs and systems and making it possible for me to heal! I am forever grateful!

All my yoga and dance teachers wow and mainly Bikram – thank you for helping me know my own body and how to navigate it. I was so close to total lockdown, scared of how my body got overstimulated so easily, I was so sick and tired. In yoga, I learned to move and marry my awareness and intuition with what my body was screaming at me. I am no longer sick and my body does not have to get sick for my attention and love anymore. I am healthy and my body wisdom is the key to my life staying peaceful. 

The Welcomed Consensus and other sensuality and sexuality teachers – thank you for helping me know and love my yoni and release so much trauma from my body. Thank you for teaching me about withholds and communication. Helping me through my years of celibacy and spiritual seeking to understand my sexuality and reclaim my joy. Your community and OMing will forever be a turning point in my life. When I accepted and began to see myself as precious. 

Landmark education and community so very much of what I learned in your programs and classes helps me help others today. Thank you for helping me feel a part of a greater community or light workers and truth seekers. Thank you for teaching me how important childhood decisions are and the ages of most impact. Also, thank you for helping me to get out of my head and into my heart. And thank you for bringing me into relationship. 

Mrs. Thomas—- thank you for CERT and belief busting and pattern crumbling. I have fallen in love with Reiki, Cert, EFT, and NLP because of your influence and life-changing gift. You helped me through one of the most painful and heartbreaking periods of my adult life. Who knew I’d be helping others use these tools years later. Thank you for the wisdom you introduced me to and taught me. Thank you so much! 

Kris Ward – thank you for being my first coach. I know I was hard to handle.  So much knowledge was integrating for me when I hired you. Trying to explaining all I know was so hard. Thank you for trying and for teaching me about pleasure. I had never allowed myself to have pleasure, life was all about working and proving and people pleasing. You helped begin giving myself space and that has helped me so much. 

Max Simmon thank you for awakening me to my own relationship with value. You taught me about community. I made so many wonderful friends and had so much fun. I also awakened to the deeper spiritual purpose of my soul working with you. 

John Assaraf thank you, you helped me get a business plan and run my numbers, take action. And I learned so much about the mind itself, the layers of beliefs, tone therapy, and changing subconscious beliefs. Thank you for helping me change my mind!! 

Kristin Planinz oh sistar thank you for all your heart healing. Helping me tap into my truth and see myself more completely. Thank you for standing with me as I launched my first programs and first summits, and books – how amazing! Learning the inside and outside of online business with you was a blast! You’re a gift to the world and I am so grateful to have studied with you and to call you my friend. 

Christine Kloser oh my thank you!! Thank you for helping me realize the yoga trainings and workbooks and blogs etc… made me an author. Thank you for bashing the lie that I have to be a great speller and grammar queen before being published. And thank you for helping me get started writing. Honestly, the book I began with you will be published as my Ph.D. but I’ve written and published 5 books since your training and am so grateful for your influence in my life and heart expressions. Also, thank you for introducing me to Ken. 

Ken Stone wow is all I can say! I would bounce in and out of my body rarely feeling fully grounded and confident, until I studied with you. Learning how to anchor my soul and be in my body. Gave me a deeper understanding of how to use my energy knowledge. All at once working with you, changed my life forever. You helped me begin to stand on my own two feet and see my previous marriage for what it was and make changes. I am forever grateful for you and your courage. Thank you for helping me remember a much deeper path to healing trauma and an effective one at that. Your coaching forever changed my living and coaching. Thank you 

Kimberly Marooney – angelic activations, wisdom from heaven and helping me reconnect with my Catholic roots. I bet you didn’t realize that :-). And now as my current coach and mentor and advisor I am enterally grateful Ana honor you. You have taught me so much.  Thank you for believing in me, and seeing me. You are a beautiful light in my life and I am so blessed to know you. We have quite a few years together going forward at Gateway University thank you for helping me realize my goals! 

Kristin Sweeting Morelli thank you for helping me launch my trauma recovery program into the world! And then thank you for reminding me all the time I spent studying and knowing my own sexuality and sensual nature. I had not validated all those years of conscious sexual healing I had put in until your Red Tent brought it up and reminded me all I already knew. Thank you!! 

Allison Armstrong thank you for explaining men and opening my heart to love and trust again. In perfect time as it was the year leading to my divorce. I understand myself and men much better through your teaching. I also recommend your books to everyone. I see how truth and power run through your teachings. Forever grateful for helping me end frog kissing and be a better woman. 

Honi- my body was going through so much and the pain was so much. Thank you for teaching me about healing my aura and using my holy blood. My femininity has balanced with my life now and I forever feel more grounded and safe because of our work. 

Catherine how would I be without your coaching – I’m so blessed. To remove the knife in my life, you helped me be set free. Since your help, I have been able to finally and quickly move through years of my life and reclaim myself from trauma. Thank you for helping me set myself free and for receiving my gifts and coaching in return! You are forever my soul sister and I am so grateful to you. Our work literally opened my life up to new beginnings. 

David Anderson wow thank you for helping me launch Y.O.U. I had no idea what it would be or how it would work. But you said I can do a website. encourage me to host it all, and affirmed I can do it. And you helped me create what I hope touches and empowers many to truly own their lives, use their gifts and speak their truths! Thank you for believing in me and this mission enough to get it started. 

Angel, I know we linked up before I ever got your programs and I am so honored to be a part of your beginnings! Thank you for helping me learn how to do it on my own from Photoshop to organizing Y.O.U. and speaking. Your love and support is a gift! I am so grateful for our friendship and continue to enjoy your genius! Rock on sista 

Gina DeVee – thank you for helping me

See that I already had all the tools I needed and am a kick ass

Coach. I also tried my hand in business coaching and found my heart again in teaching/training and trauma transforming. Your program pushed me to do it all and gave me a focus during my first year of single mamahood. I will forever be grateful for the confidence. 

Tara after so many years of listening to your wisdom I could not have picked a better year to be a Creme. To invest so much money in myself without a certification or healing method or survival in mind was truly life affirming for me. I love our community and am so grateful for all the years I’ve been embracing and embraces in it. Someday I’ll pay it off and on that day I will truly celebrate the journey. 2016 was so hard cracked me

Open and reset my whole being. I am so grateful I had a strong feminine community of self-love and truth in beauty to stand with me as I put myself back together. Thank you 

Kim – you helped me integrate and open to pleasure and healing. Thank you so much for rebounding and your method of healing. Your treatments was a fabulous investment and saved me years of healing after 2016!! And it helped me put together the Immediate response kit for Divinely you. I hope it helps many recover faster. 

Molly Sapp thank you for helping me be a better mindset coach and getting me to finally GET stop. The freedom I am learning as I stop focusing on learning, seeking, shifting, healing, or whatever else is my ticket to freedom and I am so grateful for your words and straightforward awesome sauce. I get it and I’m working it and taking your training for coaches into my coaching thank you! 

Dr. Tara, thank you for helping me transition from one body to the next. For adjusting my bones, helping my shoulder and doing Angel Reiki on me. I have learned so much and feel so safe with you in all our conforming conversations.

You’re an amazing chiropractor and healer. 

There are so many people who have gifted their presence in my life and encourages me. Shanna, Jeff, Samantha and Kevin, Jeff S, Jason, Ron, all my voice and music teachers, college and school professors/teachers, counselors, my aunt, and good friends and courses and sessions gifted to me to experience; of course I learn from each of my students and clients. There are so many to list- my heart is open with validation and gratitude and praise for each of you sharing your truth, boldly creating your offerings and bravely shining your lights. You’ve blessed my life with your awesome hearts and inspired me. I will always be honored to have been a moment in your history. For my life is the experience I teach from and your Love. Thank you 

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