It’s about Your Genius – not your mess.

For all heart-centered, life-affirming entrepreneur minded friends out there thinking about putting out your first program.

I put my first program out in 2006. I was along. It was scary.  For all the reasons you may think as well as many, you may not.

First and for most, it was scary because I had no one around me that had done it before.  So when I went through the normal growing pains and challenges – like freaking out and questioning myself, I did not know I was normal.

But put grit and determination and a little bit of crazy got me through it.  Then the not so expected things came up.  The gift of creating and launching your own program is how it impacts your life. Your crap comes up to be seen, heard and transformed.  This too is normal, which is why having a trauma transformer in your back pocket will be amazing!

Then 5 years after I created Divine in 9 (the yoga teacher certification program that was my first program) I hired my first coach to help me take it online and worldwide.  That was the plan anyway.  But she was part of the business world and although she understood yoga and I do adore her.  She and many other coaches were talking about pain point, the hero’s journey.  This “target market” and “ideal client” method kept me stuck and frustrated for another 5 years.

I will break it down for you because it is important.

#1 – I like you (you are reading this, so I am assuming you love personal development too) am amazing at digging for the root of the problem.  So when my coach said to find your pain point that leads you to your business, I went for gold. I was a child being abused again. (BTW – this was not my client base – my clients where yoga people.) But it was my STORY (which I will share more about in a later blog) and it was how I got into yoga.

This kept me spinning telling my hero’s story for years.  I got to speak on some pretty cool anti-abuse pannels and connected with some amazing people.  But this was not my genius point, or what makes working with me unique and special for my clients.  This was just the pain that I had overcome. So my ideal clients (personal development, light workers, who are here to transform and transmute the world through their own experience in training) did not find me.  The broken and more often than not broke found me and although it warmed my heart, my profit margins pained.

I have learned how to both share my mission and my message now but it took 10 years and lots of coaches to do so.  I want to save you that time and expense. You are ALIVE to add your genius in the world, transform the dark and own it all. 

If you’re into video here is a replay of the LIVE I did that sparked this blog.

If you have a mission to transform your life and connect with your genius.  Then this program is for you.

I have a group happening at the end of Feb. 2018 for $2222 investment! However, if you are reading this and or watching this video where I share more of my story and am off the cuff with it all.  You can say yes to this program anytime (as long as I have calendar pace) in a private format for a $4997.00 investment.





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