A life dedicated to overcoming childhood trauma is a hard life to often.

A life dedicated to overcoming childhood trauma is a hard life: roadblocks and limiting beliefs, memories, and PTSD, it can feel like a trap.

I would like to share a new way to look at it and give you hope if you are like me saying “me too”.

I remember the moment I took a stand and shifted from victim mentality (blaming the outside) to survival (blaming the inside). It was a wonderful day!

Taking responsibility for your life moving forward creates miracles.

Things I’ve improved in my life- my lifestyle, my attitude, my temper, my health, the level of my relationships, my education, my confidence. It’s been pretty flipping amazing. Yet, the world kept showing me different ways I needed to heal, a triggering smell or movie or post,  a bad relationship, a low paying job, a few extra pounds, sadness.

Here is what I figured out and what it can do for you!!

When I realized this it felt like a pit of hell. It was exhausting. There was always something going wrong if it wasn’t one thing it was another. I wished my life could just be like “there’s.”

So I began to study mindset, vibration, manifestation, healing, and more….

I learned to tell the difference between being victimized and victim mentality. (Which we all go through and all have.) And now I can help others see the light.

I learned to take responsibility and manifest some pretty amazing stuff in my life, healings, men, friendships, opportunities, travel, home, lessons. Lots and lots of lessons.


Has anyone ever told you that you’re here to learn to love?

I’ve been told that forever it seems. And many of my life lessons center around this love.
For me growing up love was shown through discipline and fixing, if I didn’t love you I won’t care… so go and do better. I was a trained people pleaser, sound familiar?

So I worked to take responsibility for me and be better, look at the problem and fix it.  I didn’t see it as perfectionism. Yet the habit of doing better, fixing, improving became my way of reviewing love, giving love and loving myself.

First I recognized that being loved by being picked apart and criticized didn’t feel good and I choose to stop accepting love as that. I redefined it and love changed.

I also, recognized my own habit of loving, through helping, fixing, and realized that professionally this is a gift to see beyond and into the solution. But personally this was not love and so I set boundaries and changed the way I love.

Looking at how I loved myself, self-help, growing, always looking for the problem to heal and be free from. Diving deep and being vulnerable. All centered around the lighter side of improving. Always I’m proving I can be enough, better etc… and the world lovingly reflects opportunities and people to help me live out this self-fulfilling prophecy called love.

This is the victim survival cycle of abuse.


We live in a holographic universe. What we believe we receive. What we sow we reap.

We learn how to be human during childhood, through genetics, nurture and our own conclusions of how to be humans.

When we are born into situations of victimization or survival that is the mentality we soak up.

It takes courage and discipline to transform it and all its weedy emotions and stories that keep you spinning downward believing you’re not enough, you don’t have enough, you need to improve.

So it’s natural to spend years, decades proving to yourself and to others: your boss/teachers/lovers/friends, and to your own understanding of god, that you are worthy, good enough, or have enough – while never feeling like you get anywhere.

I’m proving… shows up with many faces.

The Solution:

Is found only when you truly CLAIM, ACCEPT and LEARN how to stop and choose to be you.

It’s about reprogramming your mind and reparenting your little girl/boy, to believe they are enough.

It is about standing for yourself and your worth.

It takes the right tools and support, practice and courage to reclaim your power and stop proving. Like any other disease or addiction being stuck in improving can and will kill you.

Remember you’re amazing!

What to do next: 

Sign up, join the energy of YOU ARE ENOUGH and begin learning how to live beyond fixing, healing and improving.

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Remembering YOU Matter – and discovering just how amazing you are, as you are. Means daily habits in action, doing things new, and building awareness of yourself to be yourself.

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