Hiring a coach can be challenging. Things to know about.

21 reasons to hire me as your coach.

1) I am not a new coach building a business and promising you the world. NOPE, I have been a coach and teaching this stuff for 20 years one way or another.


2) You will not get only coaching here. You get a complete system – 12 weeks of amazing content PLUS coaching.  I am all for life-changing epic shit happening with my client’s INNER WORLDS. Life miracle healings, healing crap childhood trauma, reclaiming your power and getting a better job, finding the love of your life, paying off debt, setting awesome boundaries and ending generational cycles, healing family patterns, releasing weight, living out dreams…the results are holistic because we are holistic.


3) I teach a 12-week course DURING your coaching, a PROVEN system to restore your health, your confidence, your peace of mind, your love, your orgasm, your fulfilled life whatever that ends up meaning to you, which you will discover in the program.


4) You get lifetime access to the Amazing YOU program material. People have been in the program since 2010 online.


5) I HAVE most likely been the area of hell you have been or close to it, this gives me UNBELIEVABLE acceptance and relatability, helping you accept and love yourself.


6) I am NOT the coach with a billion clients and followers so I have room for you – YOU – YOU. You will never be a number or a sale, you are a LIFE and I am here to help YOU save it.


7) I am fun, this is not about heavy dirty scary digging in the shit trauma therapy work – this is about freedom, love, light, honoring shadow work, peace, miracles, manifesting, creation, owning your POWER and knowing how YOU CHOOSE to use it.


8) I have been trained with the best – not to brag BUT when I was 12 and 14 and 16 I was in a small room with my mom and Niel Donald Walsh, Bikram, Iyengar (yogi’s they are kind big deals), Ammachi, Max Simon (his dad started the Choprah center), John Assaraf (the secret – yeah private coach), Ken Stone (big deal soul healer), Kristin Sweety Morelli (business and Oming) and just resenting Gina Devee and Tara Marino both top top coaches (my private coaches)… AND that is not school, that is what I have invested in my own coaching and programs.


9) I am a certified nutritionist, Registered Yoga Teacher with a Registered yoga certification school E-500, MAster Coach ICA, Reiki master, Energy Anatomy teacher, Meditation certification.


10) I begin my journey to my Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology focusing on this 6 personal power zone method (trademarked). This past June. I take this method and you seriously.


11) I have written a few books and programs ALL centered around overcome trauma, healing and getting that message out.


12) I don’t give up easily. Not on this program, not on you and not on myself.


13) I am a fighter, a survivor just like you.


14) I meditate daily


15) I work out 3 times a week (that is increasing cause I just hired my own coach)


16) I walk my talk using the tools I teach and share.


17) I am always learning. I’m no editor but I am great at accepting my strengths and weaknesses.


18) I am deeply spiritual and have my own personal relationship with God and it is part of my work.


19) My clients get results – not fame and fortune but health and happiness. It’s not glamorous or magical it’s real and lasting.


20) I serve from my heart and believe that this formula is your answer to freedom from past trauma and pain in all areas of your life from your body to your purpose.


21) I have ONE program I teach in three ways – I train Yoga teachers in part of it 200 and 500-hour levels, I certify Trauma transformation coaches in it, I take private clients through it and now groups. AMAZING YOU is all I do!


Knowing this – I ask what is stopping you from hiring me? (If you haven’t already 😉


What do you think?

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