Self-acceptance – a LIFE AND DEATH matter!

Your self-love is important to me because you deserve to really really know how wonderful you are.

** Do you really know how amazing you are?

** How unique and special you are?

I spoke tonight at toastmasters and shared the story that inspired me to devote the last 20 years to the art of self-care.

Can I share a piece of my heart with you?

A few days before my 25th birthday my best friend died feeling like she didn’t measure up.

She was the ultimate beauty tall, blonde and a paid model. And to top it off she was smart, intuitive, spiritual, kind and a great friend.

But she never knew how great she was. On the outside, she looked healthy. She was always eating organic and working out all the time. But her beliefs about herself were constantly battling her.

I know because I could relate to her. This let us bond as we abused ourselves with sugary treats – ending with trips to the bathroom to purge until we saw stars. On the outside, we looked good but on the inside, we ran our bodies to the ground for years until we both ending up in our early 20’s with cancer.

Her cancer was far more progressive than mine, but her internal battle was even more painful.

Today, I see how this internal battle intimately ended her life. Most of what I do for my clients and friends today is because of the pain I feel when I think how sad it is that self-loathing, constant fixing and battle to change stopped Hope from knowing how awesome she was.

She will never feel the confidence that comes when you know you are caring for yourself, your way, sharing your gifts, and loving who you are – just as you are. Self-acceptance is an art that isn’t accepted or taught enough.

She will never know how much others accepted her because she was never able to accept herself.

This is why I desire for you to know and experience self-acceptance for yourself before something happens and it becomes a life or death situation. Your health is your greatest wealth!

For me, my cancer lead me to reframing my relationship with food, healing trauma pains held deep in my tissues, mind, and emotional body. Everyday, as I get the gift to serve you all, I am filled with how precious these gifts are. They allowed my body and life to heal over time. This journey saved my life.

I am here to share this journey to self-love and teach about how you have your own unique blueprint to your holistic health.

My desire is for you to live knowing how great you are. Then you will see how many others see you as flippin’ awesome too.

Thanks for being open to loving yourself on a totally amazing level this year – You Matter!!


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