The day my Grandmother flew out of a car, I learned my life was a car wreck.

The day my grandmother flew out of the car…

My life was a car wreck.  The day I saw how frantic, rushed and adrenal crazed I felt every moment.  That day my Grandmother taught me, I matter, that enjoying my life mattered.

I was a mother of 2 toddlers, a yoga studio owner, and a wife.  I was nearly always running on empty, even through yoga, good eating and meditation all were part of my days.  I did not know any other speed them GO GO GO and accomplish.

This day my grandmother was watching my 6-month-old and 2 year old at my house.  I ran in grabbing the baby and told her thank you.  Without missing a beat –  rushing to make a meal, feeling bad for being late and annoyed there was so much to do.  Moving from one task to the next – in a rush. This was my life, flashing before my eyes.

My Grandmother in her wisdom said – “Lisha, I am going to teach you to slow down and enjoy life.” 

I quickly gave her a kiss, told her I was sorry for being late and rushed onto my next task as she left.

Two hours later, an officer knocked on my door.  My Grandmother got wrecked her car a few blocks from my house and was killed on impact.

That is the day I learned that using adrenaline and stress to push through life was not the way.  That was the day I decided that rather than rushing around at speeds so fast I couldn’t handle it.  To admit that I was going to wreck my life, and there would be more casualties than my own.  By LEARNING how to slow down and begin ENJOYING my life at safe speeds. This was going to be my new way of being.  I had not known anything but work hard, accomplish things and get it all done.  

Now my girls are 11 and 13 and let me tell you, I have enjoyed so much with them. The art youmatterof happiness, enjoyment, and self-care has been the center of my studies the last 10 years.  The wisdom of yoga, wellness, and meditation coupled with time saving, energy filling and pleasure building activities that now fill much of my days help me, help you to take the pressure cooker off the burner and finally start living your life.

Like my, Grandma said to me that day and in taught me in an instant.  I am going to help you slow down and enjoy your life.

Let me share a secret with you – I have found out that I actually get 10 X more things done now in less time with more ease than I ever did when I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

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