Your Life, Your Pleasure

Is your life a pleasure?

 I mean, do you leap out of bed feeling inspired to experience another day? 

I used to look at life as a learning experience and it was taxing to my whole system. Something I was having to survive until I learned this key principle to living your ideal life. Today, this key is a central part of the Amazing You program and something I rediscover all the time in each of my 6 Personal Power Zones. 

I will be totally open with you, at first I was totally uncomfortable with allowing more pleasure in my life.  I felt this was a sexual thing, but it is NOT, it is a living thing.  We are alive to enjoy life, to celebrate life and to make the most of our one life beyond relationship or economic status.  There are many ways to tap into the joy and pleasure in your life.  Today I am going to share one daily habit that will enhance the way you live your life and create streams of ongoing bliss

Over the years, I have been amazed learning what different kinds of experiences and awarenesses my clients discover when uncovering their pleasures. 

For instance, what fills me up, may not fill you up. 

However, it’s easy to find your pleasure and when you do, you can add them to your daily life making each day one to look forward to living. 

Here are 3 keys to unlocking your bliss.

1) Get out of the box. The box is societies “shoulds” you may find joy in things that cost no money, that you need this or need that in order to really be happy. Society and the media tend to program us to believe that pleasure costs money, but that just isn’t so.  My largest source of pleasure is nature and nature is everywhere. 

2) Get into your zones – if you have not taken the quiz to find which zone you can focus on first that will up-level your joy 

and peace then take it now. HERE

3) Experience – Say YES to new experiences.  When your friend asks you to do something that is out of your comfort zone say YES. It doesn’t mean you have to like it, but who knows you may discover something that truly lights your fire. 

Here is a video of me sharing some of my biggest pleasures with you. 


Are you ready to take your next step and say YES to living the life you are created to live?  Let me help you – schedule a complimentary session today.   Schedule HERE

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