Change is HARD or IMPOSSIBLE without this…

WOW! This week during my reflections within My Own University I had a BIG BIG BIG reveal.

If you missed the video (here you go) 🙂

But here is the gist for you – because when you understand and accept this fact EVERYTHING can change because the problem is GONE!

I have been speaking about surrender and transformation for years – so if you have been in my community the past decade you know how committed I am to your transformation.

I HAVE NEVER REVEALED this however to anyone other than my private clients and probably to no one in this direct way before.  However, something CLICKED and since then it has been confirmed over and over again.

Keep reading if you are desiring to change those sticky, icky things that keep coming back no matter what course, class, program, workout, therapy… you get the idea. No matter what you do.

This ONE thing will allow you to change ANYTHING with easy in your life from changing negative beliefs to achieving success.

Since making the video above I have had this awareness confirmed by others a few times (I LOVE how life does this with truth.)

I have always said the first step to overcoming anything is acceptance.

So that is nothing new.  THIS IS!

You are not accepting (insert thing you want to change) if:

  • You are looking on the bright side.
  • Denying it or wishing it away in any way.
  • Fighting it
  • Passing judgment and negative meaning onto yourself because of it.

All these habits actually keep whatever you are trying to overcome, coming back. Acceptance true acceptance is pure LOVE and pure LOVE is what heals all.

I know miracles happen when we stop fighting what is and accept it (and the good or bad judgments about it) and love the peace you will have above it.

Now you can create miracles in your life.

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Much love,

Antiqua Lisha

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