Reclaim yourself from your day job

And Reclaim Yourself For Ultimate Success.

A while back I began seeing a trend in my clients and then in the groups I was hired to speak with and teach, they all were either in business for themselves or running businesses.  Serious geniuses I tell you, go-getters, women in charge and leading the way for others.

So why were they hiring me? Because with all the doing in their day job, and home life they forgot how to be themselves.

I’ll be honest my marketing was a bit different then and many of these high powered women got that way because they were running from something even more frightening than a boardroom of men or a client or two rejecting them or endless days and nights working their butts off.

They were running from personal pain and they knew if they didn’t figure out how to put it behind them and take their power back they would soon run out of fuel and be good for nothing.  I mean nothing, not their bosses or families, or dreams but as good as dead. They saw no way out.  Can you relate?

from the boardroom to the bedroom

We  meet and once I know I can help them, then we join hands and I help them stop fighting and start loving.  

I help them reclaim their bodies and get in touch with their femininity and sensuality, yes I even help them learn how the most incredible orgasms imaginable can open you up to their manifesting genius. I help them become their best friend, get raise their vibe to shine bright. But more than anything I help them define themselves in all area’s of their lives.

How much more productive and focused can you be when you feel great about yourself? 

A ton right? 

When you feel confident and secure with who you are, then you are unstoppable. And when your employees feel the same way about themselves so are they. This is why I have been asked this year to speak at more corporate events and trainings because who doesn’t want a confident, motivated, focused and happy workforce.  I know that is the kind of team I want working with me.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I bet you are still reading because you have been locked in overwhelm yourself, trapped between work and family forgetting about the one person who makes it all happen, you. If that is the case, let’s take off those golden handcuffs and ditch the excuses and reclaim your life.

How about it?

I have a 6 day challenge going on… and this is not your airy fairy challenge NO WAY, this is my 6 top tools and a few bonus’s for you to add to your daily life that take at most 10 minutes of your day (most are just as you go positive habits – that will totally uplevel your life.)

Our motto at Your Own University is when you succeed, we succeed and it is true. But when you succeed at being YOU, then the whole world is blessed.

Are you up for the challenge? Register here and also discover our YOU matter club so you can keep the love flowing all year long. There is no turning back now.  LOG IN HERE

from the boardroom to the bedroom


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